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Nayha Shakoor Paracha

      Name: Nayha Shakoor Paracha
      Course: MSc Economics
      Home/EU/International: Pakistan

      Why Warwick?

      I chose Warwick due to the venerable reputation and its pre-eminence in the field of Economics in particular. It was an easy decision; a no-brainer.

      The teaching and wider curriculum

      speakersFrom an academic point of view, being under the tutelage of people who are experts in their field was a blessing in itself.

      The Department socials were a relief after a hectic session.

      The guest lecturers were inspiring especially when you think about your future as an economist and your role in the real world after the completion of this degree. All the activities are indulging and help to take my mind off the busy routine and home sickness at times.

      A global University


      The one very underrated aspect of Uni life, particularly at a global one like Warwick, is that it is a melting pot of different cultures. It is, exciting to mingle with people from other parts of the world and to understand their cus

      toms and traditions. The social company is intellectually stimulating, and that is the key take-away from this year as it helped in broadening my horizons.

      A career in Economics

      jobWarwick has provided the right platform needed to develop the leadership, communication and academic skills to enter the professional world. Most importantly, the environment has fully equipped me to remain calm in the most pressurising scenarios and taught me the importance of time management in fulfilling any tasks. The Department provided an opportunity to meet so many professionals at career events and to learn so much. Being a student here taught me how to balance a healthy social and academic life at a time.

      My Warwick journey

      Warwick has provided the opportunity to learn so much from teachers, supervisors, classmates and even the administrative staff. It has been a journey of self-development and has helped make so many unforgettable memories that I shall cherish forever.