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Degrees and modules

Are you looking for an advanced, internationally-focused education in Economics?

Our three core economics undergraduate courses are both intellectually demanding and professionally relevant, allowing you to learn in a strongly research-led environment.

As well as these you can study further degrees with other departments that include the study of economics, allowing you to specialise in your areas of interest.

Economics Graduation Ceremony

Listen to some of our recent graduates from different programmes talk about their dissertation, RAE project and their future plans. 

UG Graduation Ceremony,
July 2018

Economics BSc

Grow your knowledge and skills in areas such as microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics and learn how to apply economics theory to the solution of today's economic problems.

Find out more about BSc Economics

Economics, Politics and International Studies BSc/BA

A challenging multi-disciplinary course in economic and political analysis. This course allows you to specialise in Economics or Politics and International Studies, continuing the other subject as a Minor.

Find out more about BSc Economics, Politics and International Studies

Economics and Industrial Organisation BSc

Designed for students with particular interest in business and industry and focusing strongly on the application of economic theory to corporate decision making, whilst featuring many aspects of the pure Economics course.

Find out more about BSc Economics and Industrial Organisation

Joint Degrees in Languages and Economics

Our five new joint degrees will equip you with the skills to solve problems in the global economy. Through intercultural awareness, linguistic skills and an understanding of how business works in your chosen language through specialist language classes.

Find out more about our Joint Language and Economics degrees

Looking to study Economics alongside another subject(s)?

A number of other departments at Warwick offer degrees that include the study of Economics as part of their core programme structure.

The admission criteria for these programmes may vary to those within the Department of Economics. You can find out further details on each of these programmes across the main University of Warwick website:

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) BSc/BA

Study the three contributing disciplines of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at foundation level, and two or all three at more advanced (honours) level in this programme that has been carefully designed to provide exposure to the techniques, content and major concerns of each discipline.

Find out more about PPE BSc/BA

Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE/MMORSE) BSc/Master

MORSE is a mathematics degree which integrates the study of pure mathematics and statistics with their applications to economics, finance and management; the core skills required in modern business analytics.

Warwick’s MORSE programme is unique in that no other university in the world offers equivalent programmes, making our graduates highly marketable internationally.

Find out more about (MORSE) BSc

Find out more about (MORSE) Integrated Masters

Economic Studies and Global Sustainable Development

If you are interested in the world's problems, want to learn more about them and have a social conscience, then you should study Global Sustainable Development.

This is a joint course that allows you to combine study of the topical subject of Global Sustainable Development (GSD) with a study of a subject that you are passionate about; Economics.

Find out more about Economic Studies and Global Sustainable Development

Liberal Arts (Economics pathway structure)

This course is ideal if you enjoy thinking about the 'Big Questions' that are facing contemporary society and the world at large, and you prefer to approach problems from the perspective of more than one discipline.

Find out more about Liberal Arts