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Nikita Khodkov | 3rd year Economics

Name: Nikita Khodkov
Course: Economics
Year of study: Three

On choosing Economics at Warwick istock_000022247020small.jpg

I was holding offers from two other UK universities for Economics, which are considered to be TOP 5 on the league tables. I did my own research on the course and got impressed with its flexibility and variety that Warwick offers. What I found unique is a compulsory British Economics History module in year one (only Cambridge and Warwick did it at that time) and Dissertation in Applied Economics in year three. On the last year, you are free to choose all modules, among which is a newly introduced on-demand of student – behavioural economics.

So, I decided to come on the offer-holders open day and get a real feel of a living, walking and breathing in Warwick. At that stage, I got inspired by the Head of the Department’s speech on the objective to make Warwick Economic Department the best department in its field in Europe by 2030. Now, after studying here for over 2.5 years, it is clear for me that it is not a dream, but I would say the upcoming reality, and for me, as a student, it is very exciting to be here at the time of such unprecedented growth and development.

On the best aspect of studying Economics at Warwick

I would undoubtedly say that the best aspect of studying in Warwick is a unique balance between academia, careers and social life. From my experience of talking to my friends in other universities, I concluded that Warwick seems to be the best in keeping the right balance between all three.

On the course structure and teaching provision

You have so many modules to choose from in each of the years from more than 10 departments, which not many other universities have. Regarding the support: even if you have any questions after lectures and seminars, you can always have them answered by simply going to your tutor during the advice and feedback hours. Moreover, the level of openness and attitude of tutors are truly amazing – I was really surprised how friendly everyone is when I went to my first seminar.

On extra-curricular activites

Student societies (Economics Summit, Finance Society and 200+ other societies) as well as the Departement itself, organise high profile events during term time.

On preparing for life beyond graduation

Everyone wishes to be competitive and employable upon graduation. However, most universities aren't very flexible. The way Economics is taught at Warwick highlights the flexibility, and allowed me to choose my modules, additional courses online and offline, and steer my career in the way I want it to be.