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Undergraduate Research

Our students are among the world-leading undergraduates in the field of economics. Are you ready to join them?

Research in Applied Economics

Our distinctive final-year undergraduate research project, your dissertation, is your chance to study a topic that interests you. You’ll apply the principles of economics to practical study, and become an independent researcher.

By the end of the project you’ll understand how economists approach questions, in particular, how to construct hypotheses and use data to discriminate between alternate explanations for events or patterns. You’ll also have gained experience in using statistical and/or mathematical modelling software, conducting individual research and presenting your findings in a range of different formats. The research project represents excellent training both for postgraduate study and for many professional occupations.

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS)

All undergraduates have the opportunity to apply for the URSS which gives you the chance to carry out a summer research project as an addition to your undergraduate degree course.

The scheme provides living expenses (up to £1,000) and skills development training. Undertaking a summer research project via the URSS is more than just doing a project – it will give you dedicated skills training opportunities too. The Scheme gives you both a taste of research, invaluable for those looking to pursue postgraduate study, and also adds further value to your economics degree from Warwick. You will be supervised by an academic member of staff throughout the project.

Our Research Centres

The Department of Economics is one of the leading centres for research in economics in Europe. Our lively research environment includes around 70 faculty and a strong support team.

Other research economists are located nearby in the Institute for Employment Research, the Finance Group of the Warwick Business School, and the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, in which the Department is an active partner.

Our publications include the WERI bulletin (The Bulletin of Warwick Economics Research Institute) and TWERPS (The Warwick Economics Research Papers).

The Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE)

Investigates how countries succeed in achieving key economic objectives such as improving living standards, raising productivity, and maintaining international competitiveness – all central components to the economic well-being of their citizens. Research examines how and why different countries – developed and developing – achieve economic success.

Decision Research at Warwick (DR@W)

Is an interdisciplinary initiative for researchers and students from different departments at Warwick interested in experimental and behavioural science with important implications for economics, psychology, management, marketing and statistics.

The Centre for Research in Economic Theory and its Applications (CRETA)

Co-ordinates collaborative research in economic theory and its applications. It encourages multidisciplinary projects with areas such as applied mathematics, biology, philosophy and political science..