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CAGE research and impact programme launched

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CAGE research and impact programme launched

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At our launch event on 3rd March our Director, Mirko Draca, and Research Director, Bishnupriya Gupta, looked back over the last 10 years of CAGE research and outlined our exciting new plans for research and impact over the next 5 years. Here are some of the highlights:

New CAGE research team

Bishnupriya Gupta welcomed our new research teams working on our four thematic areas:

Economic History: Steven Broadberry and James Fenske

Culture and development: Sharun Mukand and Lucie Gadenne

Behavioural economics and wellbeing: Daniel Sgroi and Christopher Roth

Political economy: Thiemo Fetzer and Robert Akerlof

Past research successes and future research directions

Mirko Draca celebrated the contribution CAGE has made to academic research and policy debate over the last 10 years. Bishnupriya Gupta set out our research plans for the future. We've relaunched our research webpages to showcase the research contribution we have made and are continuing to make.

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Economic History goes digital

CAGE will create a section of the website dedicated to the datasets we have created over the past 10 years. Researchers will be able to view, download, use and visualise historic data on GDP, Indian Censuses, trade and much more. The site will be a significant resource for economic historians and economists alike.

Advantage Magazine Redesigned

CAGE is working on a special themed issue of the magazine for publication in June.

CAGE Shorts

We’ve produced a series of short films on some of our most recent research which will be released throughout the year. The first video, The art of the trade war was showcased at the event.