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Economic Growth & Development: From a Historical Perspective

Conference on

​"​Economic Growth & Development: From a Historical Perspective"

(Organized by ​Jayasri Dutta, Heraklis Polemarchakis and Aditya Goenka)

Location: Economics Department, University of Birmingham, Pritchatt's Road, Birmingham B15 2TT

Date Speaker, Title and Discussant


Welcome and Coffee


​Nicholas Crafts (University of Warwick)
Title: "​Geography and the Great Divergence: Market Access and Economic Growth in the 19th Century"
Discussant: ​Martin Weale (Bank of England)


Leigh Shaw-Taylor (University of Cambridge)
Title: "​The escape from Malthusian Constraints in England 1300-1900"
Discussant: ​Bishnu Gupta (University of Warwick)




​Christophe Chamley (Boston University)
Title: "​The Bank of England and its First Suspension of Convertibility during the French Wars"
Discussant: ​Martin Daunton (University of Cambridge)


​Toke Aidt (University of Cambridge)
Title: "​The Social Dynamics of Riots: Evidence from the Captain Swing Riots 1830-33"
Discussant: Sandeep Kapur (Birkbeck College)


​Coffee Break


​Debraj Ray (New York University)
Title: "​Size matters but not in the way you think""
Discussant: ​Facundo Albornoz (University of Nottingham)