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Workshop Series

Apart from the main seminar series, CRETA runs two weekly workshop series:

Micro Theory Work in Progress: This seminar series consists of both internal and external speakers. The aim is to provide feedback to early-stage research ideas.

Micro Theory Reading Group: This seminar series consists of internal speakers, mainly research students. The aim is to have a critical discussion of the current trends in the economic theory literature.

Starting 2018, the two workshop series have been clubbed into a single Micro Theory Work in Progress series.

Date Speaker
October 4th Dezso Szalay (Bonn)
October 25th

Davit Khantadze (Warwick - PGR student)

Title: Two-Dimensional Information Design

October 31st

Dimitri Migrow (Calgary)

Title: Designing Organizations in Volatile Markets

November 1st Raghav Malhotra (Warwick - PGR student)
November 14th

Federico Trombetta (Warwick - PGR student)

Title: The Newsroom Dilemma: Media Competition, Speed and the Quality of Journalism

November 22nd

Daniel Habermacher (Warwick - PGR student)

Title: Authority and Information Acquisition in Cheap Talk with Informational Interdependence

November 28th

Olga Gorelkina (Liverpool)

Title: Collusion via Information Sharing and Optimal Auctions

Date Speaker

June 5th

Debraj Ray
Title: "Games of Love and Hate"

May 23rd

Harry Di Pei (MIT)
Title: "Repeated Interactions without Commitment"

May 16th

Anqi Li (Washington in St. Louis)
Title: "The Politics of Attention

May 9th

Pablo Beker
Title: TBC

May 2nd

John Thanassoulis (WBS)
Title: "Does Competition Encourage (or Deter) Unethical Firm Behaviour?"

March 14th

Angel Hernando-Veciana
Title: "A Geometric Approach to the Complexity of Mechanisms"

March 8th

Efthymios Smyrniotis
Title: "Strategic Bankruptcy: A Game of Coordination and the Effects of Stress tests"

February 21st

Sinem Hidir
Title: "Information Acquisition and Credibility in Cheap Talk"

November 29th

Giulio Trigilia (Rochester)
Title: "Voluntary disclosure under dynamic moral hazard"

November 22nd

Wentao Fu
Title: "Optimal contract to reward private experimentation"

November 9th

Tatiana Mayskaya (Higher School of Economics (ICEF and FES))
Title: TBC

November 1st

Guillem Ordonez Calafi
Title: "Blockholder Disclosure Thresholds and Hedge Fund Activism"

October 25th

Davit Khantadze
Title: "Two-Dimensional Bayesian Persuasion"

October 18th

Yair Antler (Essex)
Title: "Multilevel Marketing: Pyramid-Shaped Schemes or Exploitation Scams?"

Date Speaker

February 15th

Federico Trombetta
Title: “When to Drop a Bombshell” by Gratton, Holden, and Kolotilin

February 8th

Zeinab Aboutalebi
Title: “Discriminatory Information Disclosure” by Li and Shi

February 1st

Raghav Malhotra
Title: “Almost fully revealing cheap talk with imperfectly informed senders” by Ambrus and Lu

November 30th

Ayush Pant
Title: "Moving the Goalposts" by Ely and Szydlowski

November 23rd

Yatish Arya
Title: TBC

November 15th

Daniel Habermacher
Title: "Rational Inattention and Organizational Focus" (Dessein et al, 2016)

Date Speaker

May 24th

Tobias Deiler (University of Bristol)
Title: "Anonymous Lending with Insurance"

May 17th

Spyros Terovitis (University of Warwick)
Title: "The Impact of Credit Rating Agencies on Capital Markets"

May 10th

Rahul Deb (University of Toronto)
Title: "Evaluating Strategic Forecasters"

March 8th

Guillem Ordonez (University of Warwick)
Title: "TBC"

March 1st

Jacopo Bizzotto (University of Oslo)
Title: "How to Persuade a Long-Run Decision Maker"

February 22nd

Matteo Foschi (EUI)
Title: "Temptation in Markets with no Commitment: Type-Ordering Reversal"

February 15th

Johannes Schneider (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Title: "Managing a Conflict"

December 7th

Daniel Habermacher (University of Warwick)
Title: "Multidimensional Cheap Talk with Correlated Information"

November 23rd

Raghul Venkatesh (University of Warwick)
Title: "Activism, Costly Participation, and Polarization"

November 16th

Guillem Ordonez (University of Warwick)
Title: "Network Capital"

November 9th

Antonio Rosato (University of Technology Sydney)
Title: "Loss Aversion and Competition in Vickrey Auctions: Money Ain’t No Good"

November 2nd

Spyros Terovitis (University of Warwick)
Title: "Motivating Information Acquisition Under Delegation"

November 1st

Tasos Dosis (ESSEC)
Title: "On the Informed Principal Model with Common Values"

October 26th

Christoph Wolf (Mannheim)
Title: "Information Milestones in Experimentation"

Date Speaker

June 1st

Yatish Arya
Title: "Bonus Culture: Competitive Pay, Screening, and Multitasking" (Benabou and Tirole , JPE 2016)

Bénabou and Tirole

May 11th

Irina Kholodenko
Title: "Ostracism and Forgiveness" (Ali and Miller, AER 2016)

March 9th

Spyros Terovitis
Title: "Dynamic Disclosures and the Secondaty Market for Loan Sales" (Cianciaruso et al., WP)

March 2nd

Zeinab Aboutalebi
Title: "Suspense and Surprise"(Ely et al., JPE 2015)

March 23rd

Nika Koreli
Title: "Selling Information" (Horner and Skrzypacz, JPE forthcoming)

February 16th

Federico Trombetta
Title: "Persuading Voters "(Alonso and Camara, AER 2016)

February 9th

Daniel Habermacher
Title: "Bayesian persuasion with heterogenous priors" (Alonso and Camara, JET 2016)

January 26th

Sinem Hidir
Title: "The design and price of information" (Bergemann et al., WP)

December 1st

Daniel Habermacher
Title: "Strategic Information Acquisition and Transmission" (Argenziano et al., AEJ 2016)

Novemeber 24th

Federico Trombetta
Title: "The sound of silence: Political accountability and libel law" (Gratton, EJPE 2015)

November 17th

Yatish Arya
Title: "Implementing the wisdom of the crowd" (Kremer et al., JPE 2014)

November 10th

Zeinab Aboutalebi
Title: "Dynamic Delegation of Experimentation" (Guo, AER 2016)

November 3st

Felix Forster
Title: "Social Experimentation with Interdependent and Expanding Technologies" (Garfagnini and Strulovici, REStud 2016)

October 27th

Sinem Hidir
Title: "Timing Decisions in Organizations: Communication and Authority in a Dynamic Environment" (Grenadier et al. AER 2016)

October 20th

Ayush Pant
Title: "Learning, Experimentation and Information Design" (Horner and Skrzypacz, Survey)