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Policy interventions and the economy

Journal article: The Hubei lockdown and its global impacts via supply chainsLink opens in a new window, Review of International Economics (February 2022)

Qianxue Zhang

CAGE policy report: Economic challenges and success in the post-COVID era (November 2021)

Editor: Mirko Draca

Working paper: What can we learn from the UK’s post-1945 economic reforms? (August 2021)

Nicholas Crafts

Covid-19: Regional policies and local infection risk: Evidence from Italy with a modelling studyLink opens in a new window (The Lancet Regional Health Europe, July 2021)

Gabriele Guaitoli and Roberto Pancrazi

CAGE working paper: Political regime and COVID-19 death rate: efficient, biasing or simply different autocracies? (February 2021)

Guilhem Cassan and Milan Van Steenvoort

CAGE policy briefing: COVID-19: Six lessons for international trade (May 2020)

Dennis Novy

CAGE policy briefing: The case for releasing the young from lockdown: A briefing for policymakers (April 2020)

Andrew Oswald and Nattavudh Powdthavee

Working paper: Climate change and pandemic: On the timing of interventions to preserve a global common (April 2020)

Monica Giovanniello and Carlo Perroni