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Teaching & Learning Seminar

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Location: S2.79 via MS Teams

Title: Pedagogy and challenges for online teaching



The pandemic has caused an accelerated change in higher education in the UK and across the world, with online learning becoming an attractive proposition for many. But while there are a number of institutions with decades of experience in distance learning, for the majority of ‘traditional’ face-to-face universities the intake of distance learning has been rushed, to transform their offering into a blended format. However, it is not the same to teach a student who opted voluntarily to study through distance learning courses, that to teach someone who, as a member of a face-to-face institution, expects different kinds of interaction with peers and staff, access to resources, and immerse themselves in full university life. This presentation will provide some insights on my experience as both student and teacher on distance learning settings, and as digital capabilities expert, highlighting the different approaches required to keep student engagement and successful outcomes, including examples of innovative approaches to teaching and assessment.

This seminar is in-person and via MS Teams Click here to join the meetingLink opens in a new window

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