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Professor Amrita Dhillon

Professor Amrita Dhillon

Personal website


Research Interests

Economic Theory,Political Economy, Public Economics, Development Economics.

Recent Publications

'Scoring Rules, Voting Games and Dominance Solvability' (with Lucia Buenrostro and Peter Vida), October 2011, Social Choice and Welfare.

Development and the interaction of enforcement institutions(with Jamele Rigolini) , Journal of Public Economics, Elsevier, vol. 95(1-2), pages 79-87, February 2011.

'Learning in Elections and Voter Turnout Equilibria' (with Stefano Demichelis), Journal of Public Economic Theory. October 2010, Volume 12, Issue 5

"Games of Status and Discriminatory Contracts" (with Alexander Herzog-Stein), Games and Economic Behaviour, Vol.65 Issue 1, January 2009. Published online at

'Electoral Goals and Center-State Transfers: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Evidence from India' (with Wiji Arulampalam, Sugato Dasgupta and Bhaskar Dutta), Journal of Development Economics, January 2009

"Protests and Reputation" 2006 (with L. Buenrostro and M.Wooders), International Journal of Game Theory Vol 35 (Special Issue on Political Economy)

"Tax Competition Reconsidered" (with Myrna Wooders and Ben Zissimos), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 9(3) (2007)

Political Parties and Coalition Formation, Chapter in "Group Formation in Economics:Networks, Clubs and Coalitions", CUP, eds G.Demange and M.Wooders

'When are Plurality Rule Voting Games Dominance Solvable?' (with Ben Lockwood), Games and Economic Behaviour,46, January 2004

'Economic Theories of Voter Turnout' (with Susanna Peralta), Economic Journal June 2002.

Multiple Equilibria in the Citizen-candidate Model of Representative Democracy: A Comment' (with Ben Lockwood), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 4(2), (2002).

'A Generalised Wage Rigidity Result with Centralised Negotiations' (with E.Petrakis), International Journal of Industrial Organisation, 20 (3), (2001).

'Tax Earmarking and Grass roots Accountability' (with Carlo Perroni), Economics Letters, 72, No.1 (2001).

'Implementing Tax Coordination' (with K.A. Scharf and Carlo Perroni), Journal of Public Economics, 72 (1999).

'Relative Utilitarianism' (with J.F. Mertens), Econometrica, Vol.67, No.3 (1999).

'Extended Pareto Rules and Relative Utilitarianism', Social Choice and Welfare, (1998), 15.

'An Impossibility Theorem with von Neumann-Morgenstern Preferences' (with J.F. Mertens), Economics Letters, 56 (1997).

'Perfect Correlated Equilibria' (with J.F. Mertens), Journal of Economic Theory, 68 (2) (1996).

Work in Progress

"Ownership structure, Voting and Risk” (with Silvia Rossetto) Revision requested at Review of Financial Studies.

" Sovereign Debt Default: The Impact of Creditor Composition" (with Javier Garcia Fronti and Lei Zhang)

"Employee Referral, Social Proximity and worker discipline: theory and evidence from India" (with V.Iversen and G.Torsvik)

Contact details

Telephone: +44(0) 24 76523028

Fax: +44(0) 2476 523032


Room: S0.74

Office Hours: (Term 3) Tues 2-4pm