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Mark Taylor's Research Rankings

1) The Coupé Rankings. The European Economics Association recently financed research on a comprehensive world ranking of economists, based on research publications over the ten-year period 1990-2000 (Tom Coupé, 2003, “Revealed Performances: Worldwide Rankings of Economists and Economics Departments, 1990-2000”, Journal of the European Economic Association, 1 (2003), pp. 1309-45; also available at According to the number of citations to his work over the period 1990-2000, this study ranked Professor Taylor 50th in the world, 2nd in the UKand 6th in Europe, regardless of field of specialization. To view this table, log on to:

2) The Repec Rankings. This website updates the world rankings on a rolling monthly basis. Professor Taylor generally ranks among the top 1% of economists worldwide, based on an average of scores from eleven different methodologies (citations, impact factors, etc). To view this table, log on to:

3) The ISI "Highly Cited Researcher" Website. Professor Taylor is also listed as a “highly cited researcher” at this website. Log on to:

4) The Rankings. This website reports a worldwide ranking of economics departments, based on the lifetime citations to the work of its current faculty members, broken down by sub-discipline (macroeconomics, etc) and by sub-sub-discipline (e.g. international finance, etc). In Professor Taylor’s sub-discipline of macroeconomics, Warwick ranks 15th in the world and in the sub-sub-discipline of international finance (Professor Taylor’s main research area) Warwick ranks 3rd in the world. To view this table, log on to: