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Professor Andrew Oswald

Phone: +44 (0)24 76 523510
Fax: +44 (0)24 76 523032
Room: S2.119

[University of Warwick]

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Research Interests
Labour Economics, Macroeconomics.
Wage determination. Job satisfaction.Unions. Unemployment. Happiness data.

Recent Selected Publications (since 1996) (clickhere for some more)

*"Wages,Profits and Rent-Sharing", with David Blanchflower and Peter Sanfey, QuarterlyJournal of Economics, 1996, 111, 227-252. (Paper- PDF 73kb)
*"Satisfactionand Comparison Income", with Andrew Clark, Journal of Public Economics,1996,61, 359-381. (Paper- PDF 85kb)

*"IsJob Satisfaction U-shaped in Age?", with Andrew Clark and Peter Warr, Journalof Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 1996, 69, 57-81.

*"Happinessand Economic Performance", Economic Journal, 1997, 107, 1815-1831.(Paper- PDF 106kb).

*"Wagesand Rent-Sharing: Evidence from Company and Establishment Panels", withAndrew Hildreth, Journal of Labor Economics, 1997, 15, 318-337.

*"Thoughtson NAIRU", Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1997, Correspondence,227-228. (Paper- PDF 10kb)

*"Comparison-ConcaveUtility and Following Behaviour in Social and Economic Settings", withAndrew Clark, Journal of Public Economics, 1998, 70, 133-150.(Paper- PDF 447kb).

*"InputPrices and Unemployment Equilibria: Theory and Evidence for the UnitedStates", with Alan Carruth and Mark Hooker, Review of Economics andStatistics, 1998, 80, 621-628. (Paper- PDF 141kb).

*"WhatMakes an Entrepreneur?", with David Blanchflower, Journal of LaborEconomics, 1998, 16, 26-60. (Paper- PDF 103kb)

*"ThePrice of Freedom: A Non-Technical Explanation of the Case for Road Pricing",with Susy Evans, Transport Review, Winter 1999/2000, 28-29. (Paper- PDF 22kb)

*"Oiland the Real Economy: Interview with Andrew Oswald", March 17 2000. (Paper- PDF 22kb)

*"Preferencesover Inflation and Unemployment: Evidence from Surveys of Happiness", withRafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch, American Economic Review,March 2001, 91, 335-341. (Paper- PDF 56kb)

*"LatentEntrepreneurship Across Nations", with David Blanchflower and Alois Stutzer,EuropeanEconomic Review, May 2001, 45, 680-691. (Paper- PDF 43kb)

*"EconomicsThat Matters: Using the Tax System to Solve the Shortage of Human Organs",Kyklos,Special Issue in Honour of Bruno Frey, 2001, 54, 379-381. (Paper- PDF 15kb)

*"Willthe New Human Rights Legislation Do More Harm than Good?", The CommonwealthLawyer, December 2001, 10, 18-20. (Paper- PDF 19kb)

*"ArePeople Willing to Pay to Reduce Others? Incomes?", with Daniel John Zizzo,Annalesd'Economie et de Statistique, July/December 2001, 63-64, 39-65.(Paper- PDF 224kb) (Non-technicalpress release)

*"Well-BeingOver Time in Britain and the USA", with David Blanchflower, forthcomingin the Journal of Public Economics. (Paper- PDF 124kb)

*"ASimple Statistical Method for Measuring How Life Events affect Happiness",with Andrew Clark, forthcoming in the International Journal of Epidemiology.(Paper- PDF 70kb)

*"HowMuch do External Factors Affect Wellbeing? A Way to Use ?Happiness Economics?to Decide?, forthcoming in the The Psychologist. (Paper- PDF 29kb)

"The Macroeconomics of Happiness",forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics. (Paper- PDF 180kb)

Current Working Papers and Non-TechnicalArticles

Papers in PDF may be viewed, downloaded or printedusing Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free from the Adobesite)

The articles below include those from my regular columns in theIndependent newspaper and Accountancy magazine (published by the Instituteof Chartered Accountancy).

2002 Papers
"The Chess Player vs. The Prime Minister", December 2002. (Paper- PDF 64kb)
"Well-Being in Panels", with Andrew Clark, December 2002. (Paper- PDF 234kb)
"The Great 2003-2005 Crashin Britain's Housing Market", November 2002. (Paper- PDF 54kb)
"It is a Crisis of Quality",November 2002. (Paper - PDF55kB)
"Are You Happy At Work? JobSatisfaction and Work-Life Balance in the US and Europe", November 2002.(Paper - PDF 168kb)
"Homes, Sex, and The AsymmetryHypothesis", October 2002. (Paper? PDF 12kb)
"Why Iraq Reminds Us We NeedNuclear Energy", Sept 2002. (Paper- PDF 11kb)
*"Isit Money or Marriage that Keeps People Alive?", with Jonathan Gardner,August 2002. (Paper- PDF 87kb) BBCOnline
*"AStatistical Analysis of the Prices of Personalised Number Plates in Britain",with Matthew Corder, August 2002. (Paper- PDF 50kb) (Pressrelease)
*"Performance-RelatedPay, Yes", August 2002. (Paper- PDF 11kb)
*"TheEconomics and Sociology of Food and Obesity: Let's be Libertarians", August2002. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"SoAre We Getting Happier?", August 2002. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"Facingup to the Data on Racial Prejudice", July 2002. (Paper- PDF 14kb)
*"HowDoes Education Affect Mental Well-Being and Job Satisfaction?", with JonathanGardner, June 2002. (Paper- PDF 55kb)
*"Cupid,Statistics, and the Economics of Divorce", June 2002. (Paper- PDF 11kb)
*"No,We Should Not Worry about Student Debt", May 2002. (Paper- PDF 11kb)
*"IsLife Just a Search for Status? Part 1: Dominant Baboons and British CivilServants", May 2002. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"IsLife Just a Search for Status? Part 2: On Watch in Biarritz and St Tropez",May 2002. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"PeerEffects In Universities", May 2002. (Paper- PDF 11kb)
*"London'sPublic-Sector Workers Need to be Paid 50 % More Than Those in the North",March 2002. (Paper- PDF 26kb)
*"OnePercent Not 33 Dollars", March 2002. (Paper- PDF 11kb)
*"DoDoctors Work?", March 2002. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"RoadPricing Around the World", with Anna Navidski, March 2002. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"TheGreen-Eyed Monster and Social Policy", February 2002. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"Itis Time for a Group of British Universities to Break Away", February 2002.(Paper- PDF 16kb)
*"TheExtraordinary Effects of Marriage", January 2002. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"HowDoes Marriage Affect Physical and Psychological Health? A Survey of theLongitudinal Evidence", with Chris Wilson, January 2002. (Paper- PDF 139kb)
*"InManaging People, Universities are Behind the Times", January 2002. (Paper- PDF 13kb)

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2001 Papers
"Universitiesare Not in the Usefulness Business", December 2001. (Paper- PDF 20kb)
*"Internetuse: the digital divide", with Jonathan Gardner, November 2001. (Paper- PDF 73kb)
*"APlot of the Real Oil Price against the Unemployment Rate", with Alan Carruthand Mark Hooker, November 2001. (Graph- PDF 19kb) (Data- XLS 84kb)
*"Let'sKeep Rising UK Unemployment in Perspective", November 2001. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"Inequalityand Freedom in 2001", November 2001. (Paper- PDF 13kb)
*"ShiftingWorld Power and the Future", October 2001. (Paper- PDF 13kb)
*"WhatHas Been Happening to the Quality of Workers' Lives in Britain?", withJonathan Gardner, October 2001. (Paper- PDF 117kb)
*"Fearis the Major Cost of Recessions", October 2001. (Paper- PDF 13kb)
*"TheMacroeconomics of Happiness", with Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch,October 2001. (Paper- PDF 175kb)
*"Movingfor Job Reasons", with JonathanGardner and Gaƫlle Pierre,September 2001. (Paper- PDF 113kb)
*"ANew Economic Policy to Tackle Global Warming", August, 2001 (Paper- PDF 11kb)
*"WhyStudents and Their Parents Should Press for High University Fees", July,2001 (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"AnEconomist's View of League Tables", May, 2001 (Paper- PDF 17kb)
*"DoesMoney Buy Happiness? A Longitudinal Study Using Data on Windfalls",with Jonathan Gardner, March, 2001 (Paper- PDF 97kb)
*"WhatHas Been Happening to Job Satisfaction in Britain?", with Jonathan Gardner,updated March, 2001. (Paper- PDF 38kb)
*"Getus Moving, Tony", Feb., 2001 (Paper- PDF 13kb)
*"Canthe 'New Economy' Really Survive Expensive Oil?", Jan., 2001 (Paper- PDF 13kb)

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2000 Papers
"FuelTaxes II", October, 2000. (Paper- PDF 25kb)
*"Holdingthe Line: The Economic Case for High Fuel Taxes", September, 2000. (Paper- PDF 10kb)
*"SettingPublic-Sector Pay More Sensibly by Region", August, 2000. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"WellbeingOver Time in Britain and the USA", with David Blanchflower, July, 2000.(Paper- PDF 85kb)
*"IsSomething Wrong with Work-Life Balance? A Look at International Data",June 2000. (Paper- PDF 20kb)
*Table:Latest Data on Job Satisfaction Across Nations, May 2000. (Paper- PDF 9kb)
*"TheFees Debate", May 2000. (Paper- PDF 14kb)
*"Notesfor USS Pension Members", May 2000. (Paper- PDF 15kb)
*"Isthe UK Moving Up the International Wellbeing Rankings?", with David Blanchflower,May 2000. (Paper- PDF 149kb)
*"HowShould we Treat the Unemployed?", May 2000. (Paper- PDF 12kb)
*"TheFall of 13 Years Ago", April 2000. (Paper- PDF 8kb)
*"UpdatedReal Oil Price and US Unemployment Figure and Data, April 2000", with AlanCarruth and Mark Hooker, March 2000. (Paper- PDF 30kb)
*"WhyTax People for Moving? A Non-Technical Paper on Stamp Duty", March 2000.(Paper- PDF 9kb)
*"IsRecession 2000 in the Pipeline? A Non-Technical Paper", March 2000. (Paper- PDF 12kb)

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1999 Papers
"Commutingin Great Britain in the 1990s", with Andrew Benito (December 1999) (Paper- PDF 69kb) BBCOnline
*"ANon-Technical Introduction to the Economics of Happiness" (December 1999)(Paper- PDF 17kb)
*"TheRising Well-Being of the Young", with D. Blanchflower (December 1999) (Paper- PDF 115kb)
*"Well-BeingOver Time in Britain and the USA", with D. Blanchflower (November 1999)(Paper- PDF) BBCOnline
*"ANote on the Upward Trend in Young Male Suicides" (November 1999) (Paper- PDF)
*"LowReal Oil Prices not a New Paradigm" (October 1999). (Paper- PDF)
*"Well-Being,Insecurity and the Decline of American Job Satisfaction", with David G.Blanchflower (July 1999) (Paper- PDF).
*"Signsof Disintegration: A Report on UK Economics PhDs and ESRC Studentship Demand",with Stephen Machin (June 1999) (Paper- PDF)
*"TheHousing Market and Europe's Unemployment: A Non-Technical Paper" (May 1999)(Paper- PDF)BBCOnline
*"TheDeterminants of Job-Satisfaction in Britain", with Jonathan A. Gardner(March 1999) (Paper- PDF)

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Papers from 1996, 1997 and 1998
"WhatCan Recent Labour Research Teach Us about Macroeconomics?", with PhilipTrostel (October 1998) (Paper- PDF).
*"Unemployment,Well-Being and Wage Curves in Eastern Europe", with David G. Blanchflower(December 1998) (Paper- PDF 75kb).
*"TheMissing Piece of the Unemployment Puzzle", Inaugural Lecture, November1997. (Paper- PDF)
*"Theoryof Homes and Jobs" (September 1997). (Paper- PDF).
*"AConjecture on the Explanation for High Unemployment in the Industrial Nations:Part I" (December 1996). (Paper- PDF).
*"AStudy of Labour Markets and Unemployment in Eastern Europe: A Report forthe ILO", with D. Blanchflower
*"RelativeIncome and the Ultimatum Game", with C. Vermeersch and M. Williams
*"TheMacroeconomics of Happiness", with R. Di Tella and R. MacCulloch. (Paper- PDF 80kb).
*"QuasiLabour Mobility: The Economics of Commuting in Great Britain", with A.Benito.

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EC914The Market for Labour

JonathanGardner: Labour Economics, Pay, Job Satisfaction, Applied Econometrics
ReamonnLydon: Labour Economics, Econometrics, Microeconomic Theory,
Interdependent Utility
MaureenPaul: Labour Economics, Turnover, Fairness, Growth, Applied Econometrics
NattavudhPowdthavee: Perceived Quality of Life Data in the Developing Countries.
Labour and Development Economics. Happiness.
AlexanderHerzog-Stein: Labour Economics, Game Theory, Strategic Bargaining
UlliStein: Labour Economics, Pension Systems in the UK and Germany, MicroeconomicTheory

Departmental Responsibilities
Careers Liason

Advisor on U.S. Strategy

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