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Dr Bishnupriya Gupta

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

  • "India and the Great Divergence: An Anglo-Indian Comparison of GDP per capita,
    1600-1871" with Stephen Broadberry and Johann Custodis, Explorations in Economic
    History, 2015.
  • “Discrimination or Social Networks? Industrial Investment in Colonial India”, Journal
    of Economic History, 2014.
  • Where have all the Brides Gone? Sex Ratio and Marriage in India”, Economic History
    Review, 2014,
  • “Parental Altruism and Child Labour: Examining Historical Evidence from the United States” with V. Bhaskar. Cliometrica, 2012.

  • Wages, Unions and Labour Productivity: Evidence from Indian Cotton Mills, Economic History Review, February 2011
  • The Historical Roots of India's Service-Led Development: A sectoral Analysis of Anglo-Indian Productivity Differences, 1870-2000" (with Stephen Broadberry). Explorations in Economic History, July 2010

  • "Lancashire, India and Shifting Competitive Advantage in Cotton Textiles, 1700-1850: The Neglected Role of Factor Prices", with Stephen Broadberry, Economic History Review, May 2009.

  • India's Missing Girls: Bology, Customs and Economic Development, with V. Bhaskar, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, June, 2007.

  • Partial Privatization and Yardstick Competition: Evidence from the Jute Industry in Bangladesh, with V. Bhaskar and M. Khan, The Economics of Transition, June 2006.
  • The Early Modern Great Divergence: Wages, Prices and Economic Development in Europeand Asia, 1500-1800, with Stephen Broadberry, Economic History Review, February 2006.

  • Why did Collusion Fail? Archival Evidence from the Indian Jute Industry, Business History, October, 2005.
  • The International Tea Cartel during the Great Depression, 1929-33, Journal of Economic History, Vol 61, No.1, 2001.
  • Collusion in the Indian Tea Industry in the Great Depression: An Analysis of Panel Data, Explorations in Economic History, Vol 134, April 1997.


Book Chapters

  • “The Rise of Modern Industry in Colonial India” in Chaudhary, L., B. Gupta, T. Roy and
    A. Swamy (ed) A New Economic History of Colonial India, London: Routledge, 2015.
  • “Indian economic performance and living standards: 1600-2000” (with Stephen
    Broadberry) in Chaudhary, L., B. Gupta, T. Roy and A. Swamy (ed) A New Economic
    History of Colonial India, London: Routledge, 2015.
  • “From Artisanal Production to Machine tools: Industrialization in India over the long
    run”, with Tirthankar Roy in K. O’Rourke and J. Williamson (ed), Industrial growth in
    the global periphery since 1870, Oxford University Press, Forthcoming
  • "Europe in an Asian Mirror: The Great Divergence", with Debin Ma in Broadberry, S. and O'Rourke, K. (eds.), The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe, Volume 1: 1700-1870, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press , forthcoming, Spring 2010
  • "Competition and Control in the Market for Textiles: The Indian Weavers and the East India Company" in Riello G and T Roy (eds) How India Clothed the World: The World of South Asian Textiles, 1500-1850 , Leiden: Brill, 2009

Edited Book

A New Economic History of Colonial India Paperback – 28 Aug 2015
by Latika Chaudhary (Editor), Bishnupriya Gupta (Editor), Tirthankar Roy (Editor), Anand V. Swamy (Editor)