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Working Papers

"Sequential Auctions with Informational Externalities and Aversion to Price Risk: Decreasing and Increasing Price Sequences." [download]

"Implementation in Mixed Nash Equilibrium" (with Ludovic Renou). [download]

"Procurement under Default Risk: Auctions or Lotteries?" (with Ottorino Chillemi). [download]

"A Theory of Rational Jurisprudence," (with Scott Baker). [download]


Work in Progress

"Manipulative Disclosure".

"Smooth Ex-post Implementation with Multidimensional Information" (with Sergio Parreiras).

"Information Acquisition and Bargaining " (with Piero Gottardi).



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  3. "Trust-Based Mechanisms for Robust and Efficient Task Allocation in the Presence of Execution Uncertainty" (with S.D. Ramchurn, A. Giovannucci, J.A. Rodriguez, R.K. Dash and N.R. Jennings) Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 35, 2009, pp. 119-159. [download]
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Book Chapters

  1. "The Role of Beliefs, Knowledge, and Rationality in Non-Cooperative Games," (with James Friedman), in `Essays in Economic Theory, Growth and Labor Markets: A Festschrift in Honor of E. Drandakis,' G. Bitros and Y. Katsoulacos ed., Edward Elgar, 2002, pp. 243-257. [download]