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Virtual Economic History Seminar - Spring 2021

Virtual Economic History Seminar

The Economic History Association and the Cliometric Society sponsor the Virtual Economic History Seminar fortnightly (except in May) on Mondays 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT. Follow us on Twitter

Past series: Spring 2020, Fall 2020

Jan. 25
Walker Hanlon
The Rise of the Engineer: Inventing the Professional Inventor During the Industrial Revolution
-- recording
Feb. 8
Latika Chaudhary

Did Railways Affect Literacy? Evidence from India
(with James Fenske) -- recording

Feb. 22
Sarah Quincy

Income Shocks and Housing Spillovers: Evidence from the World War I Veterans' Bonus
-- recording

Mar. 8
Yoko Okuyama

Empowering Women Through Radio: Evidence from Japan -- recording

Mar. 22
Christine Binzel

Vernacularization and Linguistic Democratization
(with Andreas Link and Rajesh Ramachandran)

Apr. 5
Tianyi Wang
Waves of Empowerment: Black Radio and the Civil Rights Movement -- recording
Apr. 19
Price Fishback
Racial Differences in Access to New Deal Work Relief in 1940
(with Jessamyn Schaller and Evan Taylor) -- recording starting 13m50s
May 3
Marianne Wanamaker
40 Acres and a Mule: Black Americans' Landholding and Economic Mobility after Emancipation
(with William J. Collins and Nicholas Holtkamp)
May 17
Maggie Jones

Competition and Discrimination in Public Accommodations: Evidence from the Green Books
(with Lisa Cook, Trevon Logan, and David Rose) -- recording

May 24

*Student session*

The Role of Personal Connections in the Spanish Empire
Marcos Salgado (Stanford GSB)

The roadblock effect: War shocks, modal shifts, and population changes
Yan Hu (CEMFI)

May 31
Jessica LaVoice

The Long-Run Implications of Slum Clearance: A Neighborhood Analysis -- recording

Jun. 7

*Student session*


Reservoir-induced displacement and social participation: Evidence from the Spanish dictatorship
Laura Muñoz Blanco (Trinity College Dublin)

The Road from Serfdom: Property Rights and the End of the Feudal Economic System
Robert Venyige (University of Michigan)

Jun. 14
Kara Dimitriuk
Before Apartheid: Labor Markets, Political Parties and Institutions in 19th-century South Africa

Co-Organised with Katherine Eriksson, Shari Eli, and Taylor Jaworski