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External Activities

  • Lecturer on Economics courses via EML for Non-Economists: Principles of Economics for Non-Economists
  • Lecturer on Intermediate Microeconomics courses via EML
  • Faculty Advisor for Pearson on MyEconLab
  • Member of the OCR Economics Consultative Forum
  • Co-author of 'Economics and the Business Environment' 3e; Sloman and Jones; Pearson
  • Co-author of 'Essential Economics for Business' 4e; Sloman and Jones; Pearson
  • Co-author of 'Economics for Business' 7e; Sloman, Garrat, Jones and Guest (Forthcoming); Pearson
  • Weekly contributor to the Sloman News Site
  • Author of online resources for
    • Sloman and Jones: 'Essential Economics for Business'; 4e; Pearson
    • Sloman, Wride and Garratt: 'Economics'; 9e; Pearson
    • Sloman and Garratt: 'Essentials of Economics'; 6e; Pearson
    • Sloman, Garratt, Jones and Guest:' Economics for Business'; 7e; Pearson