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Professor Mark Stewart: Selected Earlier Publications

"The Determinants of Individual Unemployment Durations in an Era of High Unemployment", Economic Journal, 1995, 105, 321-332 (with W. Arulampalam).

"How Does the Benefit Effect Vary as Unemployment Spells Lengthen?", Journal of Applied Econometrics, 1993, 8, 361-381 (with W. Narendranathan).

"Modelling the Probability of Leaving Unemployment: Competing Risks Models with Flexible Baseline Hazards", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C (Applied Statistics), 1993, 42, 63-83 (with W. Narendranathan).

"Union Wage Differentials, Product Market Influences and the Division of Rents", Economic Journal, 1990, 100, 1122-1137.

"Unions and the Financial Performance of British Private Sector Establishments", Journal of Applied Econometrics, 1990, 5,327-350 (with S. Machin).

"Cyclical Fluctuations in Strike Durations", American Economic Review, 1989, 79, 827-841 (with A. Harrison).

"Collective Bargaining Arrangements, Closed Shops and Relative Pay", Economic Journal, 1987, 97, 140-156.

"On Least Squares Estimation when the Dependent Variable is Grouped", Review of Economic Studies, 1983, 50, 737-53.

"Relative Earnings and Individual Union Membership in the U.K.", Economica, 1983, 50, 111-25.