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Professor Wiji Arulampalam's

  • Widening the Gender Gap: The Unintended Consequences of Conditional Cash Transfers in India. (Marco Alfano, Wiji Arulampalam, Artemisa Flores). 2014.

  • Maternal Autonomy: A New Approach to Measuring an Elusive Concept. (with Anjor Bhaskar and Nisha Srivastava). June 2012. [ESRC funded].
  • Maternal Autonomy and the Education of the Subsequent Generation: Evidence from Three Contrasting States in India, IZA Discussion Paper No. 6019. October 2011. [ESRC funded].
  • Which medical school: keeping it close to home? (Robin Naylor and Jeremy Smith) Paper (note the change of title!) Dr Who? Who gets admission offers in UK medical schools?, (Robin Naylor and Jeremy Smith), Jan 2005, IZA DP 1775. [ESRC funded].
  • Inequality in infant survival rates in India: identification of state-dependence effects (with Sonia Bhalotra).Paper published as "Persistence in infant mortality: evidence for the Indian States (with Sonia Bhalotra). Population Studies. (2008) 62 (2), 171-190. [ESRC funded].
  • State dependence in unemployment incidence: evidence for British men revisited, October 2002. IZA Discussion Paper No 630. Revised Nov 2004, Paper. 
  • Work-related training and the new national minmum wage in Britain (Alison and Booth & Mark Bryan), revised March 2004. Paper