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Academic Support

Your Academic Support

[00:08] Hazel Gould-Fleming (BSc Economics)
The academic support has been amazing, in my first year I don’t think I really appreciated it as much as I do now. I’m now in my third year doing my dissertation and so I’ve developed a very strong relationship with my dissertation tutor. I’m constantly in office hours trying to get feedback because when you’re undertaking independent study and independent research it’s critical to have that feedback.

[00:32] Chioma Abazie (3rd Year Student)
The support that I receive from Warwick has been immense. You get allocated a personal tutor where you have mentoring sessions, where you get to kind of explain overall how your university experience has gone. But what’s quite cool with Warwick Economics is during your first year you get allocated an economics mentor who can guide you, or share with you, their experience.

[01:01] Michelle Lim (BSc/BA Economics, Politics & International Studies)
I utilise a lot of mathematics and statistics drop-in sessions, so I really want to challenge myself, and with that it comes to exercising and really getting to know more about the subject, so drop-in sessions are really, really important for me.

[01:14] Hazel Gould-Fleming (BSc Economics)
One of the things I have found invaluable here regarding the teaching, has been the amount of opportunities to ask questions, whether it be in person through their office hours, whether it be through on-line forums where you can discuss with your classmates questions, and the lecturers as well.

[01:33] Shreya Thummar (BSc/BA Economics, Politics & International Studies)
I really like the academic support because the image of University I had was that lecturers would be different, you’d be different and you’re just sharing with peers, nothing like High School but surprisingly its not like that at all. I’ve come here and I can go to my seminar tutors during the advice and feedback hour, ask them any questions and they’ll be happy to answer. They help me with essays and even the lecturers they are so approachable, they stay back after lectures, you can go up to them and ask questions, not just about what you’ve studied but about other stuff that you are reading as well.

[02:03] Adam Nowakowski (BSc Economics)
I found the teaching very accessible in a sense that the faculty is very down to earth and that there is no professor or lecturer who will give the impression of hierarchy within the classroom, hence we really get both, as a bigger group in lectures interaction but also one-to-one sessions in advice and feedback hours which we can really discuss our particular problems and have faculty answer our even simplest questions in the most obvious way.