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Mike's Message - MSc Virtual Yearbook 2022

[00.01] Let me start by offering you my

[00:03] heartfelt congratulations

[00:05] on completing your studies and becoming

[00:08] graduates of the university of Warwick

[00:11] you can be hugely proud of your

[00:13] achievements in these most challenging

[00:15] times

[00:16] and i'm sure your friends and family are

[00:18] extremely proud of you

[00:21] it has been a year like no other and you

[00:24] will have no doubt made huge personal

[00:26] sacrifices to reach this

[00:29] in point normal year we would welcome

[00:31] you back to the campus

[00:33] to take part in formal graduation

[00:35] ceremonies

[00:36] and informal parties to celebrate your

[00:38] achievements

[00:40] unfortunately for now this is not

[00:43] possible

[00:44] and so we must pass on our

[00:45] congratulations and best wishes

[00:48] online i know many of you will have come

[00:52] from abroad to study at warwick

[00:54] sharing experiences inside and outside

[00:57] the classroom

[00:58] with students and staff from across the

[01:00] globe enriches the experience

[01:03] of all of us at warwick it broadens our

[01:06] understanding of the context and values

[01:09] of societies beyond our own

[01:11] and put simply makes our lives more

[01:14] interesting

[01:16] what we learn from each other of course

[01:18] can help us as we progress into the

[01:20] world of work

[01:21] wherever and whatever career path we

[01:24] choose we all know that the pandemic has

[01:27] made international travel and cultural

[01:29] exchange

[01:30] very difficult however when the pandemic

[01:33] eases and vaccines are widely available

[01:36] we will have ample opportunity to

[01:38] re-engage with each other

[01:42] as you graduate from warwick and when we

[01:45] are allowed

[01:46] i urge you to continue to explore and

[01:48] learn about different peoples and

[01:50] cultures

[01:52] wherever you are in the world at the

[01:53] moment and whatever your chosen career

[01:56] path

[01:57] please do stay in touch with your

[01:58] classmates and staff in the department

[02:00] of economics

[02:02]and the wider university we love to hear

[02:05] how your careers are progressing

[02:07] and to keep you updated with university

[02:09] news

[02:11] so finally let me end by congratulating

[02:13] you once again

[02:14]for your fantastic achievements