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Career Development Research

The Guidance, Learning And Careers research group at the Institute for Employment Research has conducted a number of research studies on career development. Some of our most recent work is highlighted here.

Forms of Career Development and Continuing Vocational Training in Europe, Alan Brown, Jenny Bimrose and Sally-Anne Barnes; Funded by: European Commission, 03/2008 - 02/2010 [details]

We asked for volunteers to participate and thanks to those of you who told us your 'story' - of how you have developed since starting work - whether doing the same work or moving through a series of jobs. This project has now been completed - see attached final report: Changing patterns of learning, working and career development across Europe.

The work was extended with qualitative interviews with participants from England and Norway in a follow-up study for UKCES on career adaptability (the ability to continue to make successful transitions across the lifecourse).

The Key Role of Adaptability in Skills Supply, Jenny Bimrose, Alan Brown, Sally-Anne Barnes and Deirdre Hughes ; Funded by: UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), 10/2010 - 03/2011 [details]

Bimrose, J., Brown, A., Barnes, S-A. and Hughes, D.(2011) The role of career adaptability in skills supply, Evidence report 35. Main Report. Wath-upon-Dearne: UKCES.

Bimrose, J., Barnes, S-A., Brown, A. and Hughes, D.(2011) The role of career adaptability in skills supply, Evidence Report 35. Technical Report. Wath-upon-Dearne: UKCES.

This work has been extended still further in our current project on Learning for Career and Labour Market Transitions: Individual Biographies, Alan Brown and Jenny Bimrose; Funded by: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) 12/2011 - 06/2013.

We are continuing to examine how people’s careers are changing and how people develop career adaptability and manage transitions throught their lives- so if you too are interested in these areas, please contact us for further information. We have recently completed work on the careers of older workers and workers in mid-career, from 2013 we are likely to be particulalrly interested in the labour market transitions of younger people (16 - 30). For more information on us and our work, please also look at our individual web pages: Jenny Bimrose, Alan Brown, Sally-Anne Barnes or the GLACIER blog.