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Learning at work

This resource has been developed as a joint initiative of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) and the Institute for Employment Research (IER). It draws together findings from across TLRP workplace learning projects and situates these in a broader context of research, policy and practice. The focus is upon a number of topics that take further the work started by the TLRP workplace learning 'sharing expertise' group. This material has been put together by Alan Brown, who is a TLRP Associate Director with responsibility for workplace learning, and much content here is mirrored on the TLRP site Sectoral Overview of Workplace Learning. From that site it is possible to access the full range of TLRP materials. The main TLRP website will be actively managed until September 2009, while this site will continue to operate until at least 2012. Further work will be undertaken to facilitate a more interactive engagement with material and ideas coming from the work of both TLRP and IER, particulalrly in the area of guidance, learning and careers, through the development of a complementary GLACIER community site that will allow discussion of key themes, with the first theme being Higher Skills Development.

The following listing provides links to the research briefings of TLRP projects directly or indirectly concerned with workplace learning:

No. 61 - Investigating Musical Performance: How do musicians deepen and develop their learning about performance?

No. 60 - Putting Knowledge to Work: Integrating work-based and subject-based knowledge in intermediate-level qualifications and workforce upskilling

No. 59 - Adult learning in the workplace: creating formal provision with impact

No. 57 - Investigating Musical Perfomance: Performance anxiety across musical genres
No. 56 - New teachers as learners: a model of early professional development
No. 55 - Improving Working as Learning
No. 54 - Vicarious learning and case based teaching: developing health science students' clinical reasoning skills
No. 53 - Are we witnessing the rise of high skilled, low waged workforce?
No. 51 - Learning Lives: Learning, Identity and Agency in the Life Course
No. 48 - Learning in and for Multi-agency Working in Preventing Social Exclusion
No. 47 - Learning to Perform: enhancing understanding of musical expertise
No. 34 - Making it work: Collaborative working to meet the needs of young people at risk
No. 27 - Techno-mathematical literacies in the workplace
No 25 - Early career learning at work
No 7 - Improving Learning in the Workplace





September 2009: New TLRP / IER commentary published on Higher Skills Development at Work.