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Knowledge Transformation and Impact


Knowledge Transformation and Impact

This resource has drawn together a selection of materials on knowledge transformation and impact of research. They are drawn mainly butnot exclusively from TLRP. The impact of a research programme can be gauged in a number of ways and the following resources deal first with this general issue and then look at how TLRP has tackled knowledge transformation in the representation of findings from the programme as a whole.

Resources discussing Impact of research:

A guide to Communicating new knowledge to practitioners has been produced by Philippa Cordingley.

Lesley Saunders has produced Educational research commissioned by/for policy audiences.

A summary of a recent study by RAND (2007) of the impact of an earlier ESRC programme: Policy and practice impacts of research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council A case study of the Future of Work programme. The full document is also available.

Campbell, S. et al. (2007). Analysis for policy: evidence-based policy in practice. London: Government Social Research Unit.

OECD (2007) publication ‘Research and Evidence in Educational Policy-making: New Challenges’.

A report by Sandra Nutley et al. (2003) on Models of research impact: a cross-sector view of literature and practice – Building effective research: the report is also available in a different format from Learning and Skills Network Research Centre.

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF) have a wealth of material on their Knowledge brokering site. Knowledge brokering links decision makers and researchers, facilitating their interaction so that they are able to better understand each other's goals and professional cultures, influence each other's work, forge new partnerships, and promote the use of research-based evidence in decision-making. The Foundation now produces Insight and Action: A digest linking those who practice knowledge transfer and exchange with relevant evidence-informed resources. Their documents are written in an accessible format, see, for example, Leveraging Knowledge: Tools & Strategies for Action (2005).

TLRP showcase:

Chris Taylor produced a summary of earlier work in TLRP Resources from RCBN and Journal: communications and impact and a Summary of ‘Models of research impact: a cross-sector view of literature and practice’.

Anne Edwards produced Making A Difference: working with users to develop educational research as part of the TLRP seminar series ‘Making a Difference: Working with users to develop educational research’.

Ben Levin (2003) on ‘Increasing the impact and value of research in education’, Building Research Capacity, 6, 1-3.