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National Guidance Research Forum (NGRF)

Bringing research and practice together

The NGRF website is a powerful resource for anyone with an interest in careers work. It has been developed by the Warwick Institute for Employment Research in consultation with hundreds of career guidance professionals, policy makers and researchers. It provides information and resources on all aspects of guidance, including:

  • Guidance practice – Improving practice, learning for others and new approaches in guidance
  • Effective guidance – benefits of guidance, assessing guidance and understanding equal opportunities
  • Building capacity – guidance learning and development, using research in practice, understanding policy

The NGRF website also gives career guidance professionals an opportunity to share their experiences and practice with others using the discussion blogs. It was officially launched in 2004, but it continues to grow and develop.

LMI Future Trends

Bringing Labour Market Information and Intelligence to the front line of guidance practice

LMI Futures Trends, one strand of the NGRF website, has labour market information on 30 sectors and broad occupational groups focusing on future changes in the labour market and skills. The information has been provided by Sector Skills Councils, thus ensuring that it is up-to-date, reliable and endorsed by employers. It brings together key research and information from leading datasets, linking to full texts and leading organisations in the sectors. It is aimed at those wanting to improve and update their knowledge of the UK labour market. Each sector includes:

  • Sector information – skills gaps and shortages, future employment and drivers
  • Regional and national dimension – what’s happening in your area
  • Equal opportunity issues – key statistics, issues and challenges
  • Education and training – what’s available and how to access it
  • Occupations – job information, salary levels and occupational demands
  • Links and sources – hyperlinks to the full texts and additional resources

Sectors covered:

active leisure and learning | agriculture: land management and production; animal health and welfare; the environmental industries | arts and entertainment | audio visual industries | automotive | banking and insurance | chemical, nuclear, oil and gas, petroleum and polymer industries | clothing, footwear, textiles and servicing | communications | construction | professions allied to construction | defence | early years education and childcare | education | energy and utilities | engineering | food and drink manufacturing and processing | hair beauty and body art | health | hospitality | IT and telecoms | justice: custodial care, community justice and police | languages across the sectors | logistics | manufacturing | plumbing and heating | public administration | retail | social care | transport | voluntary |