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Careers information and energy and utilities industries quick quiz

Energy and utilities industries and careers information – try our quiz and see how much you already know!

According to there are five different energy and utilities industries. Are they:

Which of these is an activity not involved in the Waste Management industry?

Out of date careers information can be dangerous.
True or false?

Are most of the people employed in the Gas Industry involved in…....

Labour market information is different to careers information. True or false?

True or false: Careers information is best provided through a long list of websites.

“By 2024, the power sector will need to have recruited around 35,000 new employees as well as up-skilling existing staff, whilst managing the loss of 80% of its existing workforce”.
Which of the following statements is NOT related to this assertion?

How many people are employed in the Water industry?

Careers information should be impartial – true or false?
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