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STEM Getting Started careers delivery

STEM Getting Started has outlined the reasons why there is a national STEM campaign, introduced key resources, considered awareness raising and the importance of equality and diversity in STEM careers advice.

activityUsing the information and resources in STEM Getting Started, and anything else that you feel is relevant, plan a short information/awareness raising session, to last about 20 - 30 minutes, for delivery by tutors or advisers to learners prior to option choice. This could be in year 9, 11, or 13. A suggested Session Plan Format is provided to help you. The session should cover:

  • Why there is a national campaign to encourage people to consider studying STEM subjects and follow a STEM career
  • The role of equality and diversity in STEM
  • How to find out more about STEM careers

Once completed, please either:

email your plan to guidance dot research at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will upload on the NGRF STEM Careers learning module to share with others, anonymously if you wish.

or upload the file onto the STEM Careers: helping students get the message on line community group on the National STEM Centre website. Note that if you haven't already done so you will need to register on the site first.

Where practicable and desirable, see if you, and/or colleagues can deliver this session to learners.

chat_iconLeave any comments about your experience in the comments box below or on the STEM Careers:helping students get the message on line community group.


Thanks and well done! STEM Getting Started is now nearly over - how did you do? What did you think? We only have two more short tasks for you.

assessmentTest yourself on STEM Getting Started to help you judge if completing this part of the module has helped your understanding and knowledge.

evaluationTell us what you think of STEM Getting Started by completing our quick evaluation. We'd be very grateful for your feedback to help us improve STEM Getting Started.

What Next?

There are two more sections in the STEM learning module: