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Test Yourself and Evaluate STEM Getting started

To help you reflect on the learning you have achieved in STEM Getting started, you are encouraged to do a short 'Test Yourself' exercise. The exercise is only based on the content of the main sections of each part of STEM Gettign started, and does not include any references to links in the 'Taking it further' sections.

Your score in the exercise is for your own information. The results are stored anonymously so that we can find out more about how the module is being used and hopefully improve it as a result.

There is guidance in the exercise feedback as to where the answers to the questions can be found in the module. They are also available in the following document.

Go to Test Yourself on STEM Getting Started

Your views on STEM Getting started are very important to us. Please take just a few minutes to share your thoughts and ideas, which will help us improve the module for future users, by completing:

Evaluating STEM Getting Started

Thank you!

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