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elibrary activity

national_stem.jpg Open the elibrary tab on the National Stem Centre website, or use this link to the search page, scroll down and on the left hand side click on careers, giving access to the careers resources.

Narrow the search by clicking on the boxes for maths, 11-14 and 2010 or later.

Sort your results by A-Z using the drop down box on the right.

Click on the link to a video called A Glimpse of the Future. You cannot download the video, view some collections or use other useful features of the site unless you register, so click on this link, or find the Register link on the top right hand side of the page, complete your registration, then return to watch the video.

Scroll down to see the ‘more like this’, add the resource to your list and comment/rate the resource features near the bottom of the page.

NB If you cannot see ‘A Glimpse of the Future’, follow the same procedure with an Activity Case Study.

Now use the search facility to find:

  • The most popular careers collection
  • A careers resource from NHS (scroll down, choose NHS from list of publishers)
  • A careers game (scroll down and choose a resource type)
  • A post 16 careers website.

NB you can use the Reset button to help speed up the process, but you will have to re-click ‘careers’ each time in the subject list. You can use the search box to find what you need as well.

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