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General sources of careers information

In this section we have concentrated on where to find of careers information specific to STEM, but there are many more opportunities to find out about STEM careers from more general sources of careers information. A selection of these are listed below and are divided into careers resources specific to each part of the UK and a selection of careers information websites with a different approach or remit. There are of course more that could be added to this list, but many of these are linked to the sources already discussed.

Careers information websites

UK websites

  • The National Careers Service is a large free web source of careers information. Choose Careers Advice, then Planning Your Career from the Home Page Menu, then scroll down and choose Job Profiles. You can search for a specific career, or browse career areas such as Environmental Sciences, Medical Technology, or Manufacturing and Engineering.
  • Careers Wales provides comprehensive careers information, job vacancies in Wales and well presented LMI as this example for agricultural engineer demonstrates.
  • The World of Work website, part of Skills Development Scotland, offers excellent careers information with job and course vacancies incorporated, as well as a variety of tools to support career choice. There are also relevant articles such as Thinking about a career in science?
  • Northern Ireland Careers provides an A-Z of comprehensive careers information and links to the Northern Ireland Careers Service Centres.

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