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STEM Labour market information

STEM Careers sector summaries

There are very useful STEM sector summaries, found in the STEM Choices Pack, which you can access here. Choose the one you know least about and have a browse.

The following STEM sector summaries, produced by the Institute for Employment Research, provide an overview of what's happening in the labour market. These bite sized summaries are designed to start your research on the STEM labour market. Open up one or two that interest you to get an overview.

STEM Future trends on the National Guidance Research Forum (NGRF) website

The LMI Future Trends section of the NGRF website has information on 25 sectors and broad occupational areas. The information has been composed from a range of high quality sources, thus ensuring that it is up-to-date, reliable and impartial. It brings together key research and information from leading datasets, linking to full texts and leading organisations in the sectors. Each sector includes:

Sector information – sector profile, skills gaps and shortages, future employment and drivers
Regional and national dimension – what’s happening in your area
Occupations – job information, salary levels and occupational demands
Equal opportunity issues – key statistics, issues and challenges
Education and training – qualification profile, education and training opportunities
Links and sources – hyperlinks to the full texts and additional resources

Relevant to STEM, there is LMI on:

Choose one that interests you and have a look at the Sector Information and Occupations sections to get a flavour of what is on offer.

In addition, you may be interested in the following that are linked to the core STEM sectors:

STEM LMI resources: Case study exercise

Read the following case studies. Which of the above STEM LMI resources would you use or recommend in each case?

  1. Omar is taking level 3 science qualifications at College. He is interested in pursuing a career in forensic science and asks you which degree courses will give him the best chance of getting into this type of work. Which source could provide this information?
  2. An IT teacher at your school is preparing a GCSE options booklet and she wants to include information about the size of the IT industry in the UK and future job prospects. Which source would help her?
  3. Sara is considering the option of an apprenticeship as an engineering maintenance fitter and want to know more about salaries in the industry. Which source would provide some information?
  4. A group of students in Year 9 are investigating the Renewable Energy industry as part of a science project. Part of the remit is to include information about future employment prospects in the industry and they have asked you to help them find out more about this. Which resource could you introduce them to?

Refer back to the sources, make your own notes, then consult the answers.

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