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What's the best way to find out about STEM in my local area?

Much of the information available about STEM focuses on the national, or international picture. Often, though, teachers and advisers need to know about more local opportunities in order to deliver careers education, information, advice and guidance to learners effectively. This section provides a summary of different resources to help you do this and a framework to help you present your findings to colleagues, or learners.

information The LMI Future Trends website is an extremely rich source of labour market information, which new_ngrf_logo.pngincludes analysis of regional opportunities in 25 sectors, many of which are relevant to STEM careers. This example is from the energies and utilities sector. If you scroll down to the blue box, you can choose the area of the country where you are and read about this industry. This presents a picture of the current situation and issues, which is important information for those delivering STEM Careers information, advice and guidance.

information Use the STEM in your region map facility on the homepage of the National STEM Centre website tonational_stem.jpg find out about:

  • STEM business and industry in the region - what are the region's major STEM sectors?
  • Major employers - which businesses are the main STEM employers in the region?
  • Looking forward - what are the potential STEM skill shortages for the region?
  • STEM education support - who can I contact in the region?

informationLocal Business directories, work experience databases, or browsing local vacancies on the national Apprenticeships website (click on Search vacancies), may also help you.

informationThe Hidden Science Map is an interactive google map illustrating your local STEM contacts. There are also accompanying resources and fliers you can use to encourage people who work in STEM related careers to join the map community.

informationLocal STEM Ambassadors can be located through this link to STEMNET. They are well placed to advise you about local STEM industries and activities.

      activityTo help your colleagues and learners make sense of your local or regional labour market in a STEM context, create a picture of STEM career opportunities in your locale. You can use this proforma, which is based on one found in Lesson 3, "Exploring LMI" from the Ways and Choices resource provided in 2010 by DfE, or devise your own.

      chat.pngShare your work by email to guidance dot research at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will upload on the NGRF STEM Careers learning module to share with others, anonymously if you wish or upload it to the STEM Careers:Helping students get the message on line community forum.

      furtherinfoTaking it further...

      chat_iconAdd any comments in the box below or on the STEM Careers Helping Students Get The Message online community group on the National STEM Centre website.

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