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Test Yourself on STEM Digging deeper

Well done for completing STEM Digging deeper! Hopefully you have further developed your knowledge about the role of STEM in careers guidance and planned to implement some good practice.

The aim of this quick quiz is to help you assess your own learning against some of the core learning points in the module. This is a self-assessment exercise and on completion, comments are found in the view feedback link below.

We hoped that on completion of STEM Digging deeper you could:

    • Identify major STEM sectors and employers in your local area
    • Join professional networks to keep up to date on developments in STEM courses and careers
    • Promote equal opportunities in the context of STEM careers
    • Plan a STEM careers awareness activity that addresses your identified development priorities

      Some of these outcomes will be fulfilled through your reflections and the ideas recorded in your STEM Careers Personal Action Plan.

      Test Yourself on STEM Digging deeper

      • Hidden science map
      • LMI Future Trends
      • STEMNET
      • Business or work experience directories
      • Apprenticeship websites and other job sites
      • National STEM Centre
      • find info about local STEM employers
      • Where would I get a picture of local vacancies?
      • Where could I find local STEM contacts and potential sources of support using a google based tool?
      • I’d like to locate a local STEM Ambassador – where do I look?
      • Where could I find LMI on 25 sectors which includes regional data?
      • I’d like to find an overview of STEM business and industry in my region. Where could I go?

      • Choose information from websites with dynamic content, to be delivered to you.
      • Use social networking to keep up to date with STEM organisations such as Sector Skills Councils and many more.
      • Send, receive and share short messages from sites such as Futuremorph, Mathscareers and The National STEM Centre
      • Gather all of your STEM favourites where you can access them from anywhere, share favourites and find new ones.
      • Use a professional network to contact and keep in touch with STEM colleagues

      • Other issues
      • Gender Stereotyping
      • Best Practice
      • Socio economic
      • Organisation & Management
      • Placement agencies should ensure that for each stereotypical placement requested an alternative non traditional placement is offered.
      • Placements need preparation and support, access to female role models as well as follow up and evaluation
      • Employers should not limit their activities to selective and high flying schools if they are serious about improving access to the professions and STEM in general.
      • STEM subject teachers need to be made aware of the value and significance of WRL to their own subjects.
      • Companies and organisations that only offer placements to employee family members usually do this as a way of managing demand. To promote equal access for students then a different arrangement may be required, for example building a partnership with a school in a disadvantaged area that includes work experience.
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      Test Yourself on STEM Digging deeper: feedback

      assessmentHow did you do? If you scored between:

      6 - 8 Well done! You've Dug as Deep as we can go!

      4 - 6 Not bad! You've definintely Dug Deep...

      1 - 4 Good try, but you may want to revisit some parts of Digging deeper before you leave us...

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