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New partner university: Queen’s University, Canada

From this year, students taking the Law with Study Abroad in English LLB course will now have the option of taking an exchange year at our new partner university: Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

Warwick Law School has developed excellent links with universities all around the world, and we are truly excited to add Kingston, Ontario to our overseas community - and to offer our students a chance to swap their trainers for snow boots, and Pret for poutine!

Queen’s was established in 1841, making it one of Canada’s oldest universities. Since then, it has firmly secured its place among Canada’s most popular and prestigious institutions - in 2021, Maclean’s domestic rankings placed Queens 7th for reputation in the entire country. Queen’s Faculty of Law is particularly renowned for its unique combination of academic excellence and community spirit, placing it within the first rank of Canadian law schools.

Queens University

Birds Eye

Left: Campus Building on University Avenue; Right: Bird's eye view of the campus

Founded in 1957, the faculty has grown in size and influence and is located in its own dedicated building within Queen’s beautiful campus. Notably, it is also the home of The Queen’s Law Journal, one of Canada’s leading student-run legal journals. Student experiences at the Faculty of Law are also world-leading, with many opportunities for individuals to get involved in the exciting world of Canadian law, including law clinics and pro bono opportunities.

Queen’s campus is truly gorgeous, characterised by a distinctive blend of contemporary architecture and castle-style brickwork, and is bordered by the iconic Lake Ontario. A stroll along University Avenue, lined with antiquated limestone buildings, will be sure to inspire even the most essay-hardened students on deadline day. In addition, the campus contains extensive amounts of green space and sports fields, alongside numerous opportunities for students to get involved with sports or cheer on Queen’s resident American football team. Celebrations are especially vibrant at the annual homecoming, or ‘hoco’, where students take to the festooned streets to show their support and have (a lot) of fun.

Lake Ontario


Left: Lake Ontario Park Right: City of Kingston from across the Lake

Kingston, Ontario, is a small, friendly city that was once used as a French trading post. While it is steeped in history - boasting its own former military fort - it is also beloved by the thousands of students that have flowed in and out of it over the years. Most live in the thriving University District, which is one of the most diverse and walkable areas of the city. Whilst students pride themselves on belonging to the Queen’s ‘bubble’, the city still has fantastic links to other Canadian destinations, including Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, making it a fantastic study abroad destination.

We are thrilled to partner with Queen’s and hope that students will appreciate this amazing opportunity.


Homecoming 2

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