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Recent LLM student lands competitive traineeship

LLM student Elina Rage who recently completed her studies in International Economic Law (IEL) here at Warwick, has just secured a traineeship with the European Union Delegation to Vietnam in the Trade and Economics section, starting in October. These positions are highly competitive so this is a massive achievement. We caught up with Elina to find out more.

What is the traineeship all about and what will you be doing?

The five month long traineeship provides an experience of the daily work of an EU delegation working on trade-related issues in Vietnam while learning about the representation of the EU interests and values abroad.

elina_rageHow did you hear about the opportunity?

I came across the traineeship whilst browsing the European External Action Service website.

Did the LLM help you prepare for the role/secure the position?

Coming from a sociology background, studying the LLM at Warwick was key for securing the traineeship, as it helped me to gain the necessary skills and gave a sound understanding of international economic law. Furthermore, it was invaluable to have access to a dedicated careers advisor and events aimed at enhancing employability. I also want to say special thanks to Prof Markus Wagner, IEL Director Prof Kathryn McMahon, and my fellow alumna Julie Thuy Duong Chu, whose kindness, continuous support and dedication to the Law School are truly inspiring.

How do you feel about getting the traineeship, it is an amazing achievement?

I feel very fortunate and excited to have secured this traineeship where I will be able to apply what I have learnt during my studies and explore South East Asia.

What have you loved about being at Warwick?

My favourite thing about Warwick is its diverse community. I have learnt so much not only from lecturers but also from my fellow students and their experiences working as professionals all around the world. I might not miss the cold and snowy winters, however the warmth of Law School’s community will always have a special place in my heart.

Congratulations Elina and good luck in Vietnam. We are very proud of you and know this is just the beginning of a very exciting future.

Are you interested in studying an LLM with us and finding success like Elina?

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