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Law Graduate wins OSCA

We are delighted to announce that one of our recent graduates has been awarded The University’s Outstanding Student Contribution Award (OSCA) for 2023.

The OSCAs recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions of Warwick students. They not only excel academically, but also find the time to campaign for good causes, fundraise, start small business, and work with local charities. This award seeks to celebrate individuals whose efforts have made a difference and contributed significantly to the community.

Thalia Sheriff-Horner who studied on our LLB 4 year degree programme has been named as one of this year’s winners. So why was she nominated?

Thalia has been an active contributor to the university and wider community since starting her degree in 2019.

Thalia completed a fantastic dissertation this year on awarding gaps between standard offer and contextual offer students at Warwick Law School. Through her research, Thalia has shed light on the disparities that exist in the awarding of degrees between students from different backgrounds. One of the most remarkable aspects of her work is the emphasis on empowering student voices. Thalia's research involved conducting interviews with contextual offer students, creating a platform for marginalised and overlooked students to contribute to important discussions about their education. Her dissertation has the potential to create real change within Warwick Law School and beyond. This dissertation is not only a testament to Thalia's academic abilities, but also to her passion for social mobility, and has the potential to make a lasting impact on higher education as a whole.

Thalia also co-authored a paper, with funding from the Social Mobility Research Hub, investigating whether the type of school a student attends impacts their experience at university.

Additionally, she co-founded the 93% Club Warwick, a student-led society designed to empower state-school students and foster a sense of community for students on campus. In creating a space for students to connect and share their experiences, the 93% Club Warwick has created a supportive environment where members can feel understood and valued.

Throughout, the Cost-of-Living Crisis, Thalia also set up a financial support package providing members with £25 gift cards for food shopping to help alleviate financial burdens. She has also made sure that members do not go hungry by providing free breakfast for members every fortnight, creating the opportunity for members to come together and bond over a cup of coffee.

Alongside her role as President of the 93% Club, Thalia established an outreach programme with local schools in the Coventry and Warwickshire area with ThinkHigher. Working with schools, Thalia and other members of the 93% Club Executive Committee produced a video series inspiring state educated students to apply to university by explaining the process and giving an insight into university life in talks at schools. This outreach programme received recognition at the regional and national level, winning an Impact on Community award in 2021, and Thalia was subsequently nominated and shortlisted for the Social Mobility Champion Award in 2022 for her outreach efforts in the local community.

Despite continually engaging in extra-curricular activities, Thalia continues to maintain an impressive academic record, and her efforts will certainly leave a lasting impact on Warwick's campus and the wider community.

Thalia was presented with her award at the graduation ceremony last week. Congratulations Thalia on this incredible achievement, it is very well deserved.

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