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Friday, November 03, 2017

The Future of the Western Balkans in Europe
Arden House

Runs from Friday, December 31 to Sunday, October 07.

CJC Event - Film screening and debate on Miscarriages of Justice
Oculus Building Room OC1.08, University of Warwick

The causes of and remedies for miscarriages of justice have been the subject of academic and policy debate for decades. What is often forgotten are the victims of these miscarriages, the people whose convictions are overturned and who have to try to pick up their lives after many years of imprisonment. With no assistance or support, they often find that the world has moved on and they are left behind, trying to make sense of the years spent being punished for something they didn’t do.

The CJC is pleased to be hosting a screening of the documentary film ‘Fallout’ (Mark McLoughlin, Bang Bang Teo) which examines the stories of four different people who were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for serious offenses. All four are working to ensure that better care and support is available for those exonerated of the crimes for which they were convicted. This will be followed by a panel discussion with two of the people featured in the film - Paddy Hill, one of the Birmingham Six, and Robert Brown, both wrongfully convicted of murder and who spent, respectively, 16 and 25 years in prison. They will be joined by CJC researcher Dr. Juliet Horne, whose doctoral research examined the CCRC’s investigation of potential miscarriages of justice; and Jodie Blackstock from JUSTICE, who is currently intervening in a case concerning compensation for those wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. All are welcome.