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The Team

Sharifah Sekalala – Principal Investigator

SharifahThe project will be led by Dr Sharifah Sekalala, a Reader at the University of Warwick in the UK. Her research interests include global health law and inequality, with a focus on the power of law to constitute and reorder relationships at the national, transnational and global levels. This involves critically examining the ways in which global health law is made and who benefits from this process, examining the effect of global health law on vulnerable people, such as women, slum dwellers and sex workers, and analysing the effectiveness of attempts to use human rights law to provide remedies, as well as analysing the rise of global actors (institutions) in shaping global health law and the effects on Sub-Saharan African states in constructing national laws that comply with global health governance to curb infectious diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. She will coordinate the project and will also lead on identifying user groups for elite interviews and on in-country work in Uganda.

Pamela Andanda – Co-Investigator

PamelaPamela Andanda is a Professor of Law at the University of Witwatersrand. Her research interests are in intellectual property, data protection, research integrity and ethics, biotechnology, health law and governance of research. Pamela is a member of the UNESCO’s International Bioethics Committee. Pamela is the chair of the Biospecimen and Data Governance Expert Committee, which was established by the African Academy of Sciences in March 2019, and she is also a member of the Data and Biospecimen Access Committee of the Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa). She will lead on in-country work in South Africa, use her experience to lead on identifying elite interviewees on regulation and public policy dissemination.

Bitange Ndemo – Co-Investigator

BitangeBitange Ndemo is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nairobi’s Business School. His research is focused on ICT within small and medium enterprises, and their influence on economic development. He was previously the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communication and initiated several ambitious projects, such as Kenya Open Data, and the growth of tech hubs, such as iHub and mLab in Kenya. He will lead on in-country work in Kenya and use his ICT experience to identify elite interviewees in the app sector.