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About RiGG-NET

The Research in Global Governance Network (RiGG-Net) is aimed at fostering longer-term interdisciplinary interactions between academics, at Warwick and other universities, that will give rise to important new understandings and insights into issues of global governance. Conceptual and operational definitions of global governance remain vague and often contested but for the purposes of this network, global governance refers broadly to the regulatory and constitutive practices that shape, influence and direct social, economic and political relations on a global or transnational scale. This can include informal and formal institutions, mechanisms, networks and processes that structure relationships between different actors, state and non-state, across territorial boundaries (see for example, Our Global Neighbourhood: Report of the Commission on Global Governance, 1995; Domínguez and Velázquez Flores, 2018).

To work towards this goal, the network will co-ordinate and support interdisciplinary and cross-department academic activity (events, research, and dissemination) that falls within our broad definition of global governance as regulatory processes and constitutive practices related to issues, problems, and conditions manifest themselves beyond individual countries and regions.

In addition to providing networking opportunities and dedicated intellectual space to exchange ideas, we will prioritise activities that:

  • Foster longer-term interactions between academics from different disciplines (as opposed to one-off events where no further interactions are envisaged), including those that could potentially form the basis of an external funding application
  • disseminate interdisciplinary global governance research to non-academic audiences
  • demonstrate how interdisciplinarity can add significant added value to important issues of global concern
  • show enthusiasm for engaging as widely as possible with academics from other disciplines through long term engagement with other relevant networks at Warwick and beyond
  • have potential for generating longer-term and/or larger scale inter-disciplinary research projects, including those that could potentially form the basis of an external funding application

The network is coordinated by Dr Celine Tan (School of Law) and Dr Alexandra Homolar (Politics and International Studies)

The network is administered by Sahar Shah.

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