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Research Students

Musa Usman Abubakar(Supervisor: Shaheen Ali)

‘Gender Justice a Recurring Decimal in the Islamic Laws of Homicide and Bodily Hurt of Nigeria and Pakistan: A Scholastic Neo-Traditionalist Approach’

Hawra Adu (Supervisor: Andrew Williams)

‘Searching for Transitional Justice in Iraqi Kurdistan: Mechanism, Reform and Institutional Developments’

Naveed Ahmed(Supervisor: Abdul Paliwala)

‘The Effects of the Structural Adjustment Policies and The World Bank and IMF on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Case Study of Pakistan’

Masha Baraza (Supervisor: Abdul Paliwala)

‘Postmodern Legality and the Kenyan Postcolony: An Encounter with Group Conflict in North Western Kenya’

Virgilio Cambaza (Supervisor: George Meszaros)

‘Land Law in the Context of the Development of Minerals in Mozambique: Dynamics, Tensions and Conflicts over Land Access’

Shabaz Cheema(Supervisor: Shaheen Ali)

‘Women Empowerment and Implications of Implementation of Cedaw in Pakistan’

Rujirat Chittanonda (Supervisor: Julio Faundez)

‘The Spaghetti Bowl and its Status under Thai Law’

Joanne Coysh (Supervisor: Andrew Williams)

‘Human Rights Education in theory and practice

Laura Stella Enonchong (Supervisor: Andrew Williams)

‘The Role of State and Non-State Institutions in the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights: The Cameroonian Experience.’

Helen Kijo-Bisimba (Supervisors: Ann Stewart and Abdul Paliwala)

‘Vulnerability within the vulnerable: Legal Mechanism for the Protection of Children in Extreme Hardship; A Case of Orphaned-Children Heading Households in Tanzania’

Monica Kirya (Supervisors: Abdul Paliwala & Andrew Williams)

‘The Role of Commissions of Inquiry in Promoting Transparency and Accountability in the Government of Uganda’

Chuan Chi Kuo (Supervisor: Abdul Paliwala)

‘Multi-Layered Regulation of Phishing Attacks – A Taiwan Case Study’

Zijin Li (Supervisor: Istvan Pogany)

‘Discrimination Based on "Health Status" in China: A Legal Analysis of Discrimination Against Persons with Certain Medical Conditions’

Zahra Maranlou (Supervisor: Shaheen Ali)

‘Legal Citizenship Building for Greater Access to Justice in Islamic Republic of Iran’

Agnes Kemuma Mbeche Meroka (Supervisors: Ann Stewart & George Meszaros)

‘Ethnic Conflict and Women’s Land Rights in Kenya.’

Vidyaranya Chakravarthy Namballa (Supervisor: Professor Abdul Paliwala)

‘Suicides Among Indian Farmers - Law and Regulation as Instruments of Change’

Anna Varghese Puthuran (Supervisor: Ann Stewart)

‘The Indian Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 and its Implications on Intimate Partnerships Outside Wedlock - A Feminist Legal Critique’

Raza Saeed (Supervisors: Jayan Nayar & George Meszaros)

‘Decolonization of Law: Struggles, Possibilities and the Context of Pakistan.’

Sharifah Sekalala (Supervisors:Andrew Williams)

‘Law and Access to Antiretrovirals’

Ulf Thoene (Supervisor: Julio Faundez)

‘Social rights, social policy and enforcement of labour laws: Approaches to the informal employment sector in Latin America’