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PhD students

Mesganaw Kifelew - ‘Co-operative Societies in Ethiopia’ (Supervisor: Lorraine Talbot)

Sheharyar Hamid - ‘The Role of Corporate Governance Theories in Defining the Regulatory Framework for Islamic Financial Institutions. (Supervisor: Lorraine Talbot)

Essa Al-Nassr - 'Corporate governance of government owned corporations: a case study of Qatar' (Supervisor: Lorraine Talbot) (now completed)

Kyriaki Mavrommati - 'A Contribution to the Study of Corporate Governance in the Context of the Greek Legal order' (Supervisor: Dal Singh)

Nathan Tuimising - 'Infrastructure Funds for Private Equity' (Supervisor: Dalvinder Singh) (Now completed)

Dong Yan - 'The Ambiguous Status of Chinese Rural Migrant Workers' (Supervisor: Alan Neal)

Stephanie Lehnert - 'The European Race Directive: Law, policy and the implementation in Britain and Germany' (Supervisor: Ralf Rogowski) (now completed)

Ulf Thoene - 'Social rights, social policy and enforcement of labour laws: Regulatory approaches to the informal employment sector in Latin America'

Ahmad Alkhamees