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Funded Seminars and Workshops

Dora Kostakopoulou

Prof Dora Kostakopoulou

ModernLaw Review

Constitutionalism(s) post 2008

Dora Kostopoulou was awarded £5,000 to host an interdisciplinary workshop on 'Constitutionalism(s) post 2008' as part of the ModernLaw Review seminar series. The event was organised by Professor Dora Kostakpoulou, Abdul Paliwala and Ralf Rogowski, and brought together a range of well-known international scholars working on political, societal, Europe and global constitutionalism.


Illan Wall

Dr Illan Wall


Public Life of Private Law

Illan Wall and Mairead Enright (Kent) were awarded £14,000 from the ESRC to undertake a series of seminars on the Public Life of Private Law. The five seminars were held between Warwick and Kent, with the final drafting workshop concluding in December 2014.


Celine Tan John McEldowney

Celine Tan and John McEldowney


International Economic Law in Context

Celine Tan and John McEldowney were awarded £2,400 from SLSA and £2,400 from the SLS to fund the International Economic Law in Context Workshop series, which will run under the research centre (GLOBE). A key objective of the workshop series is to introduce and develop contextual methodologies, including socio-legal methodologies, to scholars of international economic law, and to increase the profile of socio-legal and other contextual approaches to scholarship in international economic law. The first of the workshops will be focused on the theme of climate change, resilience and international economic law. The second workshop will be focused on sovereign debt law and governance. There will be two further workshops in the summer and autumn terms of 2016. Workshop participants will include a mix of invited speakers and open calls for participation.


Titilayo Adebola


Implementing Obligations under Article 27.3(b) of TRIPS in the Global South

Titilayo Adebola received a ‘special mention’ for her poster titled ‘Implementing Obligations under Article 27.3(b) of TRIPS in the Global South’ at the 2015 SLSA conference. This has been one of the highlights of my doctoral research experience. Although the poster preparation phase was challenging, I felt my hard work was worthwhile after my supervisor - Dwijen Rangnekar - commented on a draft saying ‘this is not only an aesthetically pleasing poster – but you have achieved the incredible of being able to succinctly capture the core contours and elements of your doctoral work (as it currently stands) in this. That is really commendable!!’ Encouraged by Dwijen’s glowing remarks, I thoroughly enjoyed presenting my poster, and received valuable feedback from colleagues as well as senior academics. Following on from this, I have been invited to present my research at various upcoming conferences, including a presentation at the University of Birmingham law postgraduate research conference.


Celine Tan Julio Faundez

Celine Tan and Julio Faundez

Banco Santander

The Rule of Law, Governance and Natural Resources

Julio Faundez and Celine Tan were awarded £5,000 from Banco Santander to support the hosting of an interdisciplinary Workshop on the Rule of Law, Governance and Natural Resources at the University of Amsterdam from 22 - 23 January 2015. The workshop was a follow-up to the Workshop on International Law, Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, held at Warwick in 2013.