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Student profiles

anthony searle

Anthony Searle
3 Year Law
Graduated 2014

I chose to study Law at Warwick because of the University's excellent reputation, the Law School's eminent academic staff, and the course's uniquely contextual approach. Not only did I learn what the law is, but I also acquired an understanding of its theoretical foundations and impact on society.

The range of subjects on offer (including 'Shakespeare and the Law'!) allows students to think laterally and enjoy a diverse legal education. The Law School also nurtures a friendly community, and a platform from which students can undertake their own projects. The student Law Society (which recently won national awards) and Bar Society (which I founded in 2012) host a wide range of useful events and enjoyable activities.

Since graduating, I have undertaken a master's degree in Medical Law at King's College London. After this, I will study the Bar Professional Training Course with the help of a Major Scholarship from Inner Temple. I am confident that my education and experiences at Warwick have provided me with an excellent foundation from which to develop a successful career at the Bar.

caitlin jenkins

Caitlin Jenkins
3 Year Law
Graduated 2014

There are a few things that drew me to Warwick. Firstly, when I visited the campus I felt immediately at ease as the staff and students were all very welcoming and helpful. The transport links to and from campus are good, and the surrounding areas of Coventry, Canley, Leamington Spa and Earlsdon are nice places to live.

In my first year I lived on campus; there is a wide range of residences to choose from according to your needs. Each has its own warden, which made it easier for those who had moved away from home for the first time. The campus itself is beautiful - who doesn't want to see rabbits and ducks on the way to lectures?

I chose to study Law at Warwick and I found that the School was well-organised, the staff are very helpful and the course material was very interesting and varied. In my third year I was lucky enough to be awarded a grant to present my undergraduate research at Monash University in Australia, an amazing experience I would never have even thought possible before. I am now living abroad and applying for postgraduate study - Warwick taught me to think outside the box, to try everything which has led to some very exciting adventures!

Hearing about all the international opportunities, and all the extra modules you could take on - ranging from Shakespeare and the Law to Law and Literature, as well as studying a language - all contributed to my wanting to study Law here.

Jasmine Schembri