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Mohsin Hussain on 'Japan’s apologies for World War II'

Mohsin Hussain completed his MA in Social and Political Sciences (2018) at Sabanci University, Turkey. He is a 4th year PhD researcher at the Department of Politics and International Studies. His PhD thesis is on understanding why some countries issue apologies for wrongdoings in the context of armed conflict.

He will be presenting on Japan’s Apologies for World War II. It feeds into his PhD thesis by capturing the normative debates surrounding apologies (e.g., do Japan’s apologies qualify as examples of ‘good’ apologies?); the circumstances which motivated Japan to acknowledge its World War II abuses; and the impact of its apologies on the victims. Overall, the goal of Mohsin’s presentation is to illuminate the role of Japan’s political apologies in shaping its domestic and foreign policy choices.

Date: 1st March 2022

Time: 17:15-18:30

Venue: Rm. 3.006, WBS

Due to social-distancing, there is a maximum capacity, so please contact if you are interested in attending.