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WCF - Warwick Critical Finance Conference 2020

Warwick Critical Finance Conference

conference postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic; new dates to be confirmed in summer 2020

at the University of Warwick


After the more specialised workshops of the last two years we are back to organizing a broader event for early career scholars, PhD students as well as Post-docs who are studying finance from various critical perspectives. Our aim is to host an emerging research conference which sustains the ongoing debate across disciplinary boundaries and creates a sense of collaboration and mutual support that allows us to jointly push each other’s work and the work of critical finance scholarship forward.

As with previous events, this conference tries to do things slightly different by encouraging the submission of works in a variety of formats. We therefore invite scholars to either submit (a) working papers, (b) papers near (re)submission (c) PhD/post-Doc research projects or (d) viva presentations to be practiced in front of peers.

We welcome submissions of scholars from a variety of fields, such as political science, sociology, political economy, economics, business studies, anthropology, geography, organization studies, history, gender studies, and more, that share an interest in finance and a curiosity for the many vantage points from which to understand and critically engage with it.

We also explicitly encourage applications from scholars who work in the Global South and who may have trouble travelling to the UK, as we are planning to set up a Skype conference panel to facilitate remote participation.


Themes of which we encourage contributions include, but are not limited to:

  • Finance and Technology
  • Finance and Climate Change
  • Infrastructures of Finance
  • Finance, Race and Colonialism
  • Critical Macro Finance
  • Finance and Gender
  • Governing Finance
  • Finance and Activism
  • Finance and Security
  • Finance in Emerging Markets
  • Histories of Finance
  • Geographies of Finance
  • Finance and the Law
  • Cultural Politics of Finance

Abstract Submission

We invite scholars to submit a short abstract (250 words) which explicitly falls into one of the following four categories:

(a) working paper

(b) paper close to (re)submission

(c) PhD/Post-Doc research project

(d) viva presentation

Submissions should be sent to by [tbc].

After acceptance, we encourage the submission of paper drafts or research notes which will only be shared between workshop participants.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is £25 for the full two days.


Limited funding is available to support travel expenses for a number of unfunded participants. If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please include a short case for support (max. 150 words) when submitting your abstract.

Non-presenting participants

We have a limited number of places available for non-presenting participants who are interested in joining the event. Please get in touch!

  • Application deadline: [tbc]
  • Notification of acceptance: [tbc]
  • Registration deadline: [tbc]
  • Paper submission: [tbc]
  • Workshop: [tbc]

Call for Paper

You can no longer find our call for papers here ;)