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WCF Dialogue: Ève Chiapello and Pauline Gleadle on 'Financialisation'

WCF Dialogue on 'Operationalisations of Financialisation'

To be held on Tuesday, 4th December 2018

4.30-6.00pm, in The Graduate, University of Warwick

‘Globalisation' was arguably the dominating concept of the 1990s followed by 'neoliberalism' in the 2000s. However, from the time of the global financial crisis onwards, 'financialisation' has become probably the major phenomenon discussed in both academic work and the mainstream press. Its widespread use has largely masked the fact however, that there are multiple views as to the definition and nature of financialisation.
In order to think through what is at stake in the continued research on financialisation and its multiple operationalisations, we have invited two active protagonists in these debates to speak to WCF. Ève Chiapello and Pauline Gleadle will discuss each other's work and thereby critically engage with the ways in which the study of financialisation continues to shape the current critical debates about global finance and global capitalism more generally.

Ève Chiapello is Research Director at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris. Her research focuses on the penetration of all business sectors by “financialised” tools, i.e. by instruments which rely both conceptually and technically on the technical and scientific corpus of modern finance.

Pauline Gleadle is Emeritus Professor at the University of Westminster in London and Visiting Professor at The Open University, Milton Keynes. Her research focuses on the interaction of financial markets with the strategy and governance of non-financial corporations with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.