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The Warwick Political Geography Group is formed of PhD researchers in PaIS working broadly with issues in the intersection of Place, Space and Politics. The group was formed from the experience of three political geography conferences and is becoming increasingly more active. We plan to continue 'making space' in international studies and bring attention to the importance of the geographical perspective to the scholarship of politics.

We blog on Warwick Political Geography, and we also have a youtube channel.

Our short url is:

We can be reached at:, and

Key Interests

- Geopolitics and Geopolitical knowledges
- Space, Territory and Statecraft
- Coloniality, People and Place
- Materiality, Geophysics and Politics
- Political Ecology and Environmental Politics
- Political Economy, Governance and Space
- The City, Architecture and Cultural Geography
- Themes in Global Historical Geography

The Current Team

Mara Duer 

Maria Eugenia Giraudo

Aya Nassar

António Ferraz De Oliveira

Javier Moreno Zacares

Getting in Touch

If you would like to be added on our mailing list to receive e-mail updates on events conducted by the WPG, or become an affiliated scholar, or suggest further events please contact us on:

Affiliated Scholars

Gurminder K Bhambra

Claire Blencowe

Christopher Browning

Jon Coaffee

Jack Copley

Thom Davies

Mara Duer

Stuart Elden

Anna Galeb

Maria Eugenia Giraudo

Charlotte Heath-Kelly

David Lambert

Aya Nassar

Marijn Nieuwenhuis

Antonio Ferraz De Oliveira

Nicola Pratt

Michael Saward

Vicki Squire

Lisa Tilley

Lorenzo Vianelli

Illan Rua Wall

Atsuko Watanbe

Nick Vaughan-Williams

Javier Moreno Zacares