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Happening in Warwick

Losing ground poster

Bringing together social scientists, architects, artists, filmmakers and others, the event is perhaps the first of its kind in attempting to analyse the occurrence and subject of holes through a truly multi-disciplinary lens. We hope to foster conversations on bullet holes, potholes, sink holes, black & white holes and other lacks and potentialities through a dedicated workshop and an art exhibition.

The workshop, held on the first day (19 May), will feature a series of inter-disciplinary panel discussions and a number of art installations. The workshop will be held in parallel with an art exhibition and a roundtable (20 May). The latter features segments of Heide Fasnacht’s Suspect Terrain and Jenny Perlin’s One Hundred Sinkholes (both from the New School), and roundtable discussion with Dr. Divya P. Tolia-Kelly (Durham University) and Prof. Teresa Stoppani (Leeds Beckett/ London South Bank University). The event is part of a larger effort to make holes relevant as a subject and site of learning, research and wonder.

We also have a frequently updated blog.

Registration on Eventbrite or through Facebook.

The Event is organised by Marijn Nieuwenhuis and Aya Nassar, and is funded by the IAS International Visiting Fellows scheme, the New School and PaiS.

20052017 Introduction 

Heidi Fasnacht "Everything I make is a sinkhole"

Jenny Perlin Performance lecture

Prof. Teresa Stoppani