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Global Insights: "China and The World: The Road Ahead"

Location: Zoom
This panel explores the significant implications and possibilities of China’s relationship with the world and suggests possi

About this Event

As the longstanding social and economic expansion of liberalism and globalization are weakening under the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the international system is witnessing a resurgence of nationalism, statecraft, and great power politics. Perhaps no state embodies this trend more than China, which has recently emerged as an economic and military power that many analysts believe could surpass the USA and its Western allies as a global leader. With the established global order in seeming disarray, China appears poised on the brink of transforming international affairs. Whether this transformation is in line with the West or against it, remains up for debate.


Miwa Hirono, Ritsumeikan University

Zhenzhong Si, Balsillie School of International Affairs

Joseph Torigian, American University

Kailing Xie, University of Warwick

Moderated by Ann Fitz-Gerald, Balsillie School of International Affairs


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