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Modesta Alozie

Modesta Alozie profile photo

Honorary Research Fellow

I joined PAIS as a research fellow in October 2020. I worked on the Data and Displacement project co-funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and UKaid. As the lead research fellow, I supported the principal investigator, Vicki Squire, in overseeing the overall project. Before joining PAIS, I worked as a researcher at the Urban Institute University of Sheffield, where I was part of the European Research Council-sponsored Lo-ACT project that investigated climate change actions in 113 cities in the Global South. As part of the Lo-ACT team, I investigated climate change actions in 33 Nigerian Cities.

Research Interests

My research interests are in feminist political ecology, specifically concerning questions of identity and their role in shaping violence. My doctoral research looked at how unequal processes of resource distribution interact with identities of gender, age, religion and particularly ethnicity to shape youth experiences of violence in the context of oil exploration in Nigeria. More recently, my interest has extended to the areas of knowledge co-production, and its potential in delivering justice.


PhD in International Development Planning -The Bartlett University College London (2020)

MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment & Management-The University of Manchester

BSc, Biochemistry- Imo State University Nigeria.


Authored Books and Book Chapters

Alozie, M.T. Violence as a Portal: Youth, Oil and Masculinity in the Niger Delta (monograph under preparation for ZED books). 

Alozie M.T. (2020). How Niger Delta Youths are Being Left Behind in Regional Development. Conversation Africa.

Papers under Review

Alozie, M.T. Symbolic Violence and Narratives of Exclusion and Power amongst Youths and Institutional Representatives in the Niger Delta. Journal of Youth Studies. (Submitted).  

Alozie, M.T. Low-Carbon Transitions in Highly Unequal Contexts: What can we learn from Youth Violence in the Niger Delta? Journal of Energy Sustainability and Society (submitted and accepted) 

Alozie, M.T. & Castan Broto, V. The Governance of Low-carbon Transition in Ordinary Cities in Nigeria. (Forthcoming).

Opinion Piece and Magazine Articles

Alozie M.T (2020). The Niger Delta: Young Men Face Exclusion and Violence in of the Most Polluted Places on Earth. The Conversation UK. 

Alozie M.T. (2020). How Niger Delta Youths are Being Left Behind in Regional Development. Conversation Africa. (Final draft Submitted, to be published in a few days)

Alozie M.T. (2015). Madubuko Hart’s Stance on Abia Governace Censored. The Nigerian Voice.