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Recent publications
  • (Forthcoming) Collas T. and P. Blanchard. “Sequence analysis. Being earnest with time”. In Key Concepts in Research Methods, edited by J.-F. Morin, C. Olsson and O. Atikcan. Oxford University Press
  • (2019). Blanchard P., “Sequence Analysis”. In Encyclopedia of Research Methods, edited by P. A. Atkinson, R. A. Williams and A. Cernat. London: Sage
  • (2019) Toh R., P Blanchard, J. P. Simpson, J. Falcon and C. Ying. Employment vulnerability of tertiary graduates in Singapore. Singapore: Institue of Advanced Learning
  • (2017) Blanchard P., B. Rihoux and P. Álamos-Concha. “Comprehensively Mapping Political Science Methods: An Instructors’ Survey” International Journal of Social Research Methodology 20 (2)
  • (2017) Blanchard P. “Qualitatif et quantitatif : la fin du malentendu ?” Pp. 315-328 in Science politique edited by Christophe Roux and Eric Savarese. Bruxelles: Bruylant
  • (2016) Blanchard P. “Les vicissitudes de l’innovation méthodologique. ‘Validité, falsifiabilité, parcimonie, consistance, précision, etc.’ ” Pp. 151-171 in Andrew Abbott, sociologue de Chicago. Héritages, dépassements, ruptures. Edited by M. Jouvenet and D. Demazière. Paris: EHESS
  • (2015) Blanchard P., F.-X.Dudouet and A. Vion. 2015. “Le cœur des affaires de la zone euro. Une analyse structurale et séquentielle des élites économiques transnationales”. Cultures et Conflits 98 (2): 71-99
  • (2014) Blanchard P., F. Bühlmann and J.-A. Gauthier (eds.). Advances in Sequence Analysis: Methods, Theories and Applications. London: Springer
  • (2014) Gauthier J.-A., F. Bühlmann and P. Blanchard. “Introduction: Sequence Analysis in 2014.” Pp. 1-17 in Advances in Sequence Analysis: Theory, Methods, Applications P. Blanchard, F. Bühlmann and J.-A. Gauthier (Eds.). London: Springer
  • (2014) Political Science Research Methods in Action (Bruter M. and Lodge M. (eds.), Basingstoke, ECPR-Palgrave-McMillan, 2013). Review for the Revue Internationale de Politique Comparée 21 (3): 137-153
Ongoing papers
  • Mapping the field of sequence analysis. A historical, sociological and epistemological assessment
  • The financial crisis as a structural turning point in the structure of the European corporate elite (with F.-X. Dudouet and A. Vion)
  • Employment vulnerability of high-skilled workers: a life course approach to Singapore tertiary graduates’ career, education, family, health and working conditions (with R. Toh, J. Falcon and J. Simpson)
  • Becoming a professor: A comparison of British, French and German academic careers (with J. Angermuller, F. Dufour and A. Zelazny)
  • Diasporas and individual agency in world politics (with M. Koinova and B. Margulies)